Wild, Wild, Wild West Fest Mess

The Professional Bull Riders Association moved its headquarters to my town and then threw a four-day party dubbed the Wild Wild Wild West Fest to celebrate the relocation. Since Thursday, there’s been non-stop activity down on Union Ave: pancake breakfasts, a mercado, an exhibit of western boots, a parade, outdoor concerts, vendors galore and bullriding by the primo cowboys in the world.

                    Blog_PBR logo (Medium) 

Deciding what to wear to the party in their honor was an easy choice – this Colorado Centennial apron and my embroidered cowgirl boots!  Too wonderful.

                   Blog_Apron and Boots

Before the final competition, we walked around and came upon this very long, long horned steer, and for $10.00, you could sit in the saddle and get your picture taken. As I contemplated whether I really wanted to climb up the step stool and wearing a skirt, hoist myself atop Oliver, he pooped.

               Blog_PBR watusi (Medium)

Oliver appeared quite content to have someone clean up after him, not unlike most men, I think.

             Blog_PBR watusi 2 (Medium)

Had there not been the delay, I would have clamored into the saddle and had my picture taken. In hindsight, Oliver did me a heck of favor. 


Tie One On…an apron, of course!


  1. HAHA! There you go! I admit I would have loved seeing the picture! LOVE the apron! My boots are just plain old red ropers…wow am I jealous? Those are some very spiffy boots!

    Sounds like a wild and WONDERFUL weekend!

  2. The apron and boots is a great combo! Love it. And I think you should have done the picture with ole Olie. I guess I would have! But then again I have horses too.

  3. hahaha! well at least the guy was well versed in “Poop Scooping 101”
    Luv the Apron & Luv the boots! I am down to 5 pair as one of my pairs is not long for this world.
    Hmmm I see a bird house out of one & a vase outta the other in the near future!
    Soooo, were you able to get one of those Bull Riders to pose in an apron?????? If anyone can talk a guy into wearing an apron, it would be you! lol!

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