Tying One On in the Front Yard

We’ve been a one-car family for many years, and only on the odd occasion would a second car have made the day a tad easier. Today was one of those days. Without transportation, I was forced to celebrate National Wear Your Apron Day in my front yard, not out and about as planned. Here I am, wearing an especially cheery apron, and pulling weeds. The photographer 

is a passerby, who very nicely stopped her dog walking to accomodate my plea for a pic. Today was lovely – sun shiny, not too warm, and the ground still moist from the early a.m. watering…perfect for losing track of the time, singing Elvis songs, and filling a wheelbarrow with weeds.  Showing off my pretty apron would have been nice, too, but tying one on in the front yard was good enough.

Tie One On…an apron, of course!


  1. What a cute picture. I’m so glad you had someone stop to take your picture so we could enjoy the moment with you. This is my first chance to stop by…I’ll be back again, Cyndi

  2. I am looking to see if any of my feedsack fabrics are in your aprons, I am sure they are. Love that apron~!

    I hope you will pop over & ‘follow me’.

    TTFN ~ Marydon

  3. I have so many aprons to choose from but this one is a favorite & I’m wearing it today as I prepare lunch for a pop-in visit from our youngest son. The weather is dreary, but my mood and apron are hap hap happy!

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