Tie One On… An Apron, of Course! – Traveling Exhibit

With the final showing of APRON CHRONICLES, I’d announced to the universe that my apron journeying days were at an end. The twenty years spent traveling America, gathering aprons, meeting storytellers and compiling their recollections had brought into my life an abundance of joy…surely enough to last the rest of my days. What I hadn’t anticipated was a latent pining for further apron journeying.

With the elements of the closed exhibit set aside, I visualized a new exhibit that would showcase the complexities of who we are as humans through 42 storytellers, vintage aprons and snapshots of apron-wearing women, men and children.

Introducing TIE ONE ON…an apron, of course! , a traveling exhibit which explores the human experience through a humble domestic icon.

Tie One On... An Apron, of Course! - Traveling Exhibit

Tie One On... An Apron, of Course! - Traveling Exhibit

For Booking Information: tieoneonexhibit@gmail.com

Upcoming Event:

November 10, 2021 – January 7, 2022

Old Courthouse Heritage Museum
1 Courthouse Square
Inverness, FL 34450   [Map]

Contact: Lindsey Gilbert

Old Courthouse Heritage Museum

The exhibit comes from EllynAnne Geisel, of Apron Memories, who has been collecting aprons and the powerful stories they tell, for over 20 years! According to Geisel, “an apron memory isn’t a scholarly dissertation. It isn’t mired in dusty facts and details. It is a story of life and memory that engages and catches you up in the telling. The storyteller’s voices tap into our collective memories and experiences via universal themes, such as Gratitude, Wellness, Survival, Fortitude, Opportunity, Tradition, and Faith.”

Tie On On Exhibit