Tie One On…a vintage Christmas apron, of course!

Oh, which to tie on this Christmas eve? Perhaps a softly pleated waist apron with a holly berry and pine cone motif…

Aprons_vintage xmas 3 (Medium)

Poinsettias, embroidered or flocked, are always in style…

Aprons_vintage xmas 1 (Medium)

Maybe cotton or chintz, fancied up with rick rack…Aprons_vintage xmas 2 (Medium)

Then there are aprons with fabric so adorable, oh, how to choose…

Aprons_vintage xmas 4 (Medium)

Flocked panel aprons in different colors and designs…an apron change out is a must!

Aprons_vintage xmas flocked 6 (Medium)

As for me, I must wait one more day before tying on Jingle Belle

Aprons_vintage xmas jingle belle (Medium)

my one and only Christmas apron creation and jingling ’round the block to Heidi and Phil Marin’s home for a holiday dinner. To only wear this confection once a year is a pity – then again, what comes but once a year is also most anticipated.

Aprons_vintage xmas belle closeup (Medium)

As I imagine the women who once tied on the vintage Christmas aprons in my collection, I’m thinking of all y’all, and sending you and your families my best wishes for the merriment and rejoicing that is Christmas.



  1. Jingle Belle won out, again. And instead of continuing the ruse that I will actually consider a different Christmas apron,it’s time to divest of them all and let them become a holiday accessory to someone else’s Christmas outfit. Anyone interested?

    Tie One On…an apron, of course!

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