THE APRON BOOK : Podcast #4 – Erin Owens & Cristie Coffman


THE APRON BOOK : Podcast #4
A friendship forged decades ago over a love of cooking and entertaining, Erin Owens and Cristie Coffman maintain a special closeness despite Erin’s move to another state. Reuniting in Lubbock, they reminisce of family, friendship and aprons.

Erin Owens and Cristie Coffman
Everyone knows what an apron is and everyone has a story to share!

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About The Apron Book:

The Apron Book

Warm and inviting, but (like an apron) quite practical, The Apron Book is a celebration of a great American icon. Apron enthusiast Ellynanne Geisel, who curated the traveling exhibit, Apron Chronicles, returns us to hearth and home in this updated edition of the award-winning book. In this paperback edition, EllynAnne reflects on the grassroots movement of apron love in a new introduction, and a new foreword by the former editor of Apronology magazine expounds on EllynAnne’s mantra that aprons don’t hold us back; they take us back because the connection to the past is a strong one.

The Apron Book showcases full-color photos of new and vintage aprons from Geisel’s vast collection, patterns for four basic apron styles and myriad variations, recipes, tips on collecting and preserving vintage aprons, and heart-tugging stories from the traveling apron exhibit. The book also explores the history and heyday of aprons and looks at the various roles aprons still play when worn in the kitchen, around the house, by the backyard grill, on the job, or for a special occasion.

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  1. I love these stories. My father’s mother always wore an apron. I find that if I put on a apron to cook I relax and stay focused on the cooking instead of being distracted and just rushing through it.

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