Traincase Story

This traincase is my travel carryon. It’s perfectly sized to slip under an airline seat, and the flip top makes the interior easily accessible. Inside, there is ample room for necessities, including a shawl, book, Peter Paul Mounds bar and my little mini computer. An assortment of elasticized compartments hold my phone, sunglasses and lipgloss. Within the carryon, I am a CEO of organization. It also serves as the best foot rest. 

When I purchased this case, I peeked inside but didn’t examine its nooks carefully. Upon its first usage, I discovered a folded piece of paper tucked into one of the zippered pockets.  It was a letter of confirmation from a hotel in Hawaii. Dated December 21, 1967, the letter assured Mrs. Barbara Lee that a room awaited her at the rate of $10.00 a day for twelve days in January of the new year.

On the backside of the hotel’s stationery, in blue pencil, was written her husband’s name, Company and Platoon information, and the base’s location. Looking back to the date, it occurred to me that Barbara was possibly meeting her husband in Honolulu for a holiday before he left for Vietnam.  

A traincase was the luggage of women, often part of a two-piece set received upon college graduation. Purchasing such luggage secondhand wasn’t so common in the Sixties; Barbara was most likely its original owner. 
The case and I are leaving for a holiday with my prince charming. I so hope it was up for purchase because Barbara received a new set of luggage from her soldier…as a twenty-fifth wedding anniversary gift. 
Tie One On…an apron, of course!