Tweaking Tradition

A holiday rolls around, and I immediately begin searching for new recipes to shake up the traditional table spread, I of the mind set, that recognizing the occasion is tradition enough. 
Since only the holidays most widely celebrated are treated to massive recipe makeovers or menu innovations by the media and its celebrity chefs, my holiday, Passover, receives little attention when it comes to recipe reinvention of the seder particulars.  
A late start left me with only a day and ahalf to devote to the endeavor, and after scrolling through dozens of on-line sites, I happened on a recipe for chocolate covered matzoh. The perfect tweak, it turned out, because not only is it easily prepared, it is over-the-top delicious! Addictively so. And when paired with a colorful trio of sorbet scoops… 

In this photo, the bowl of dessert matzoh is  side by side with a gravy boat holding freshly made apple/pear sauce, yet another recipe so simple and delicious it’s ridiculous not to make it every day! (saute peeled & sliced fruit in water until soft. drain. in a bowl, sprinkle with a small amount of sugar and mash with a fork)

And now the finale photo to the evening – a red wine stain on the hand stitched tablecloth.  

I’m sure it will wash out or at least fade through subsequent laundering.  Such is the risk of using a beautiful cloth, but better to use it with joy than to keep it stored in a drawer and out of sight. 

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