Once-A-Year Outings

Tonight is the once-a-year outing of my black pumps with the diorama lucite heels:

Purchased from a JCPenney catalog many, many years ago, they are style-wise a tad dated. I care for them like I would a piece of art, which they are to me. Paired with my finest LBD and my favorite jewel, Prince Charming, I’m all set to ring in the new year.

Also outing is my penchant for a good toast. Toasting has a long history, begun by the ancient Greeks who had the habit of spiking the punch with poison. Offering a toast was deemed a gesture of good faith. And as to the theory of clinking glasses with a toast, one idea is that by clinking glasses, you could slosh the poison someone may have put into your wine back into theirs. A fun bit of alcohol chit chat that might liven your own toasting experience tonight.

Not one to leave this one-a-year toast to spontaneity, I found this year’s toast in a magazine ad of years ago: To Life – and knowing that things don’t have to be perfect to be perfect. Clink.

Tie One On…an apron, of course!