Springing into spring

According to those days of the week towels, today should be wash day. Should be but it’s not. Because I was so in the mood to hang the laundry outside to dry in a sunny, pre-spring breeze, and but for the snowstorm that arrived earlier in the day, so I would have.

Instead, I have brought my laundry basket upstairs to my writing

vintage laundry basket

room and turned it on its side. Despite the gloom and chill outside, the view I have instead is this!

DSCN6979 [640x480]

With the first hint of the season’s change, I always add a touch of spring to my daily wear. This year’s “hint of color” is a new satchel, pictured here amidst the snow that shows no sign of letting up.

Macon_spring tote [640x480]

I have a reputation for springing into spring a tad early, and so the tradition continues. Happy Monday, happiest one day closer to spring.


Tie One On…an apron, of course!