Estate Sale Surprise

Too often, an advertised estate sale is a forage through junk, the relatives having already hauled away the good stuff.
When I read about an estate sale at this address, I knew it to be a neighborhood of tidy homes with tidy yards and residents who moved in and stayed the duration of their lives. If the family hadn’t ransacked everything, this sale held promise.
Treasure Trove exterior (Medium)
Surprise! There was hardly space to walk, the first floor and basement a warren of rooms stuffed with a lifetime of acquiring.
Treasure Trove interior 1 (Medium)
It was in a closet that I saw this file drawer, and upon opening…
Treasure Trove interior 2 file drawers (Medium)
…patterns!! Boxes in other rooms contained even more. My total
Treasure Trove interior 3 file drawer open (Medium)
take was 80, although it could have been many more, but I was only interested in the vintage.
Treasure Trove patterns displayed (Medium)
Such gorgeous covers. I’m still giddy with the discovery and purchase and so happy the family wasn’t interested in “mother’s stupid sewing stuff.”
Treasure Trove patterns close up (Medium)
Among the patterns were several for men, including this one dated 1954. Can only imagine what she promised for him to put on that coolie get up. 
Treasure Trove santa costume (Medium)

Tie One On…an apron, of course!