The Perfect Card

I’m a huge fan of holiday cards, especially those that include a holiday letter and/or a family snapshot as an insert, perhaps because I view seasonal greeting cards as a perennial opportunity to catch up friends and far flung family on what’s going on in our lives. This year’s batch was quite wonderful, to the point of overshadowing the e-greeting from an intellectual property attorney and his firm, who used to acknowledge my patronage with a Harry & David crate of rock hard pears. Times are tough, so receiving an actual card with a stamped envelope is quite the gift.

What I really adore is how the picture cards continue the Kodak tradition begun in the Fifties, of showcasing a new home or new landscaping or remodel:

Holiday Card_House (Medium)

or sharing the filling of an empty nest with pets:

Holiday Card_Dogs (Medium)

or proudly displaying the growth of a beloved child:

Holiday Card_Children

or my favorite, the family holiday picture: Holiday Card_Family (Medium)

Our greeting card will be late, because I took forever to find just the right card. I don’t know how many I reviewed before turning to my on-line addiction, etsy, and coming across graphic artist Laura Bolter and the perfect card!!

Blog_Holiday Card (Medium)

If I get going, I might yet get our cards out before the year’s end…each s.w.a.k.


Tie One On…an apron, of course!