Seeking the Portal to a Book

Four or so years ago, through a joint love of aprons, I made the internet acquaintance of Janet Downs. Janet, who lives in Goods Mill, Virginia, is a storyteller and fabric historian, her wealth of both drawn from a family that goes waaaay back.  
So I might put faces to her stories, Janet provided me dozens of black and white snapshots, among which was a photo of a woman standing at her stove. The details of the picture – a dishtowel folded over a hanger, the pots on the burners, her aproned self looking at the camera as if to say Well, take the picture already! Supper’s ready… I fell in love with its authenticity, and thought it the perfect voice and presence to be the portal to The Kitchen Linens Book. Turns out the picture is of Earl Downs’ mom, Virginia.

Forever, I am grateful to Janet and Earl for sharing this cherished photo. Does she not speak volumes without saying a word?

Tie One On…an apron, of course!