Vintage Valentine Luv

Valentine’s Day wasn’t always such a commercial focus. Here are samples of hearts and love that show a different side of February 14th.

This 1920s boudoir pillow covering was never completed. From the outline, you can see that it was a kit. I have many aprons, linens and laundry items where the image is dyed and only the outlines need to be embroidered. Her stitches are so tiny and immaculate – this would have been the most enchanting cover. Always I wonder why such a project was abandoned. Perhaps it was for a friend’s bridal shower, and she was a tad envious. Perhaps she put it away, intending to sew it for her own dressing room and forgot about it. Whatever the reason, her heart was not into this project.

1943, with our men at war, we wore our hearts on the home front

This poem from 1943 may seem silly, but she is sending a valentine to her husband, who is fighting in the war.

The most popular boy in his 1949 elementary school with his Valentine haul.

Cookie cutter turns a canned cranberry blob into a dinner love fest.

1950s porcelain heart plate with very risque poetry for the times!

Never, ever too old for romance!!

                         “I’m trying to recall the last time you nibbled my ear.”


xx EA







a Sew-Lovely Giveaway Winner!

I bought this little plastic cupid cupcake “twizzle” a day-and-ever-so-ago and have waited since to use it on Valentine’s Day. The cherry on top was a last-minute decision & is impossibly adorable- so much so, I’ve decided it will become a tradition…as will pound cake for Valentine’s Day breakfast. A great start to any day, but with Cupid atop, a perfect start.

Valentine_cupid in cherry cropped [640x480]

A busy day today and only toward late afternoon was I able to corral a Random Human to select the winner of today’s Sew Lovely Giveaway. Courtesy of a most agreeable bank teller, #63

sew lovely winner 63 [640x480]

will receive Steffani’s book and Ellen’s magazine. Congratulations, lois48!

When I was a girl, I used to practice writing my married name: Mrs. Elvis Presley. As things turned out, the time spent might have been put to better use.


Here’s to a Hunk o’ Burnin’ Love Valentine’s Day!


Tie One One…an apron, of course!