Giving from the heart.Then giving thanks

Happy Wednesday, Cyndi Swank!  Via a random number generator, you’ve been selected the first Tie One On Day Giveaway WINNER.

#56  Cyndi Swank says:

I just love sewing aprons, and I just love baking bread. This is a win, win, win (giving) for me! I even have some people I know picked out to give an apron and a loaf of bread to. Some are in need as well as some who give so much to others. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in TOOD, as well as model giving for my children.

TOOD_2013_504x607 79 dpi


The generous sponsors of this first giveaway are: Marula – the Leakey Collection, Chaps, Country Woman Magazine, Eleanor’s NYC, Bernina USA, Simplicity, MyMemories.  For a complete listing of Tie One On Day sponsors and their giveaways, please click here. Without hesitation, sponsors responded to Tie One On Day as consistent with the heart of their companies, and I am extremely appreciative of their support.

Remember, you need only enter/leave a comment once to be eligible for the remaining three giveaways !

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MyMemories is also providing its giveaway of the My Memories Suite v4 and two Gift Certificates to four additional randomly selected winners:

#86  Linda Kernodle     #19 Jane Pearson

#42 Patty Phillips       #6 Debra

TOOD_2013_504x607 79 dpi



My Tie One On Day recipients are no longer in charge of their own kitchens, so baking for them is an enjoyment from the past. Imagining myself in their shoes, my offerings always include something sweet. As I’m still deciding just what to bake, I’m playing with the packaging.

Last year, I saved up those plastic food (mushroom) containers, which are perfectly sized for lining with toweling and nestling a small sweetbread loaf, a petite jar of jam and a miniature serving spoon.

Go Vintage Go Green_mushroom containers packaged (Medium)

Another year, I used florist corsage bags to package individual pumpkin pies and old cups (literally a dime a dozen) filled with a cranberry compote. A vintage apron wrapped around an old plate (dime a dozen on these, also) provided stability as well as an eating utility.

packing www

In our rush-about world, though, perhaps more meaningful than the creatively packaged food, was visiting at each delivery. I take that to heart and make the time.

I love reading everyone’s gestures of kindness – thank you for sharing and continuing to spread the word and love of Tie One On Day.

From my heart to your pocket…apron, of course!

xx EllynAnne

Tie One On…Give from the heart…Then give thanks

Generous Giving Promotes Acts of Kindness

Over the summer, we attended a large arts festival, where we entered into numerous drawings for large prize packages. Suffice that the only thing we won was telemarketing ring-a-lings that are impossible to curb. I share this to let all know that your entry into any giveaway of my promotion will not result in such harassment.

It’s always a treat to hear from a happy winner!  Thank you, Erika and quilty for brightening Caroline’s day.

apron page in quilty
“Dearest EllynAnne,
Thank you for the opportunity to join in and be a part of “Tie One On Day”.  I love selecting cheery apron prints,  stitching them up and giving them to my friends and family.
I will be watching the mails for Quilty…What a perfect gift to inspire my Chanukkah and Christmas stitching.
Many Thanks,
Double Blessings & Sweet Shalom, Caroline”

The winner of the first (of four) fabulous giveaways will be announced

TOOD_2013_504x607 79 dpi

tomorrow, Wednesday/Nov. 6th.  ENTRY for all giveaways is HERE.  Just leave a comment at the end of the blog, sharing how you will participate in Tie One On Day. You only need comment once to be eligible for all giveaway drawings. Winner must have a US mailing address.

Tie One On Day sponsors provide their giveaway products as encouragement to your participation and spreading the word and love of TOOD. Click HERE for a listing of sponsors and their generous gifts.

Postcard from Jennifer Utter www (Medium)


Trolling the internet for Tie One On Day advertising opportunities, I am too often distracted by the popup ads for shoe shopping. For whatever the reason, I resisted pictures of the shoes “it” knew I was looking for and stayed focused on the quest, which ended up a more perfect fit than any shoes!

no pattern required Ruth logo

Courtesy of Ruth at nopatternrequired , Tie One On Day and I are featured on the site and in this interview:   Photos of my favorite spaces within our very electically decorated home and other vintage collections are sprinkled throughout. As if any of us need more browsing suggestions, must say that nopatternrequired is a really fun site to explore.

With the deluge of holiday advertising and other distractions (like pop up shoe sales), Tie One On Day rises to the top because it is a genuine effort to generate gestures of kindness towards those in need. Thank you for spreading the word and the love of TOODay, because the more who participate, the more who receive!

xx EA

Quilty Giveaway Winners

Carolynn Mintz and Marsha Lynne have been selected (via my brother-in-law providing 2 random numbers) to each receive a copy of the quilty magazine with Erika’s apron patterns.

apron-page-in-quilty_thumb.jpgErika’s designs have a modern domestic feel and I’m excited to see your finished aprons. Congratulations!

With the end of October begins the 21 days in November that encourage us to Tie One On (an apron, of course!) and give from the heart to someone who would benefit from a gesture of kindness.

TOOD-2013-very-clear-image002.pngThe Tie One On Day Giveaways scheduled for the four Wednesdays in November are to thank every one for participating and encourage your spreading the word and love that is TOOD.

For each Giveaway, there will be one (1) winner. You need only enter once to be in the running for all four. Entry is HERE !

The November 6th Giveaways are provided by these sponsors:

Marula, Chaps Bakery, Country Woman magazine, Eleanor’s, Bernina USA, Simplicity and My Memories.

Each year I am ever hopeful more and more will make Tie One On Day part of their Thanksgiving tradition because the more who participate, the more who receive.

xx EllynAnne

Ready Set…Tie One On! Share! and Give Thanks!

Vintage Patchwork a Modern Design

Although I don’t quilt, I love quilts. To me, a hand sewn quilt is a work of art, the hours spent creating it a testament to the virtue patience.

It is always stunning to me to find quilts in secondhand shops, tossed with the aprons and embroidered toweling as “mother’s old stuff.”  This quilt is one so rescued.

As a bed covering, the Dresden pattern brightens the room.

Dresden quilt full length www

Made up of scraps from the 1930s, it is a marvel. The bittiness and evenness of thousands of stitches defines awesome. Dresden closeup www

The Dresden design is a happy one, with the variety of fabrics complimenting without effort. I picked up a package of Dresdens that were never used to complete a quilt. I like looking at them, admiring the artistry and industry of the woman who so meticulously created each plate. Dresden from my collection www

But what to do with them?

To the rescue is creative sewer and quilting newbie Erika Mulvenna, who shows the possibilities of this beautiful pattern when applied to an apron.

apron page in quilty

Just in time for Tie One On Day, Erika’s easy apron projects are featured in

Erika_Quilty cover

The website for Quilty is and here’s the link to Erika’s aprons

It’s always a thrill when a friend’s talent is published. To celebrate Erika’s aprons, Quilty has provided two copies of this issue for giveaway. The magazine is page after page of tutorials, detailed photos and encouragement, and Mary Fons is a sweetheart of an editor.

So, how to win a copy of this magazine?  Just leave a comment at the end of this blog! Two (2) winners randomly selected and announced next Sunday, October 27th.

xx EllynAnne

Tie One On…Give from the heart…Then give thanks.

TOOD 2013 very clear image002

ENTRY for Tie One On Day Giveaways @

Vintage Modern Hostessing: a Last Hurrah

Before the leaves entirely blanket the lawn and the water in the bird feeder freezes is perfect timing for a seasonal last hurrah.

As do all my gatherings, this party begins with a DIY invitation.

From a cache of black and white snapshots, this indelible image, which I’ve been saving for just the right occasion.

Man balancing Woman www


Scanned and uploaded to picmonkey for labelingParty Invite acrobatic couple cover words www


plus the addition of party particulars





 vintage-woman-on-phone-psd-graphic PARTY RSVP :


and the invitation is ready for delivery to guests. Mailing of the sort that requires an envelope and a stamp is my preferred method because it’s fun to receive an invitation for an event a few weeks out.

Yes, I’m that hostess – the one who plans and prepares in advance, so she can enjoy the party, too. PARTY_recipes vintage setup 0114 ea desserts


Inquiries from well-mannered invitees as to what they might bring are always lovely but never accepted. Your status is guest and that’s that, because I love creating the ambience and menu too much to share.


This party for 15 was an extended cocktail hour with a food buffet to encourage eating while imbibing.

PARTY_Recipes Vintage Setup 0113_ea table www


Homemade Dips: Pimento Cheese and White Bean & Artichoke served with cut up celery and healthy, handcrafted pita chips. (Tip: Make dips, slice celery  2-3 days ahead & refrigerate; chips stay crisp in a plastic bag)

Salad: Beets, Mandarin Slices, Feta and baby lettuce, scantily drizzled with dressing and served in punchbowl cups (TIP: Wear disposable vinyl gloves to toss salad and fill the cups; a silver sugar bowl holds cocktail forks)

PARTY Recipes setup 0122 lazy susan cups www

Creamy Tomato Soup prepared a day earlier and refrigerated. Gently reheat and serve in pitchers for pouring into a hodgepodge of cups. On the side, Pepperidge Farm Goldfish to sprinkle over the soup. (TIP: No spoons necessary)

PARTY Recipes setup 0118 soup serving www

Roasted Potatoes prepared 2 days ahead. Serve warmed. (TIP: Fondue forks make for easy spearing; available at restaurant supply stores)

Angel Biscuits by HamBob, virtually foolproof, made a week earlier and frozen.

PARTY Recipes setup Biscuits one pan good pic 0108 www


Two sizes – bite and heartier – split and slathered with a mustard horseradish sauce and filled with thinly sliced tenderloin or roasted turkey breast. (TIP: Bake meats and freeze, defrosting a day before the party)

PARTY Recipes setup Biscuits one buttered 0112 www

Desserts:  Pineapple Upside Down and Pear Cakes (TIP: Bake a day in advance for tastier flavors)PARTY Recipes setup 0124 pineapple upsidedown closer www


Setting up ahead of time, as much as a day even, is the best buffer to hostess stress-out. Plus, this is my favorite part – preparing the party landscape.

Sifting through my vintage collections of domestica, I really enjoy selecting and fluffing cloths, smoothing wrinkles, stacking mismatched napkins and plates, counting utensils, and checking glasses for spots. Early preparation lets me look things over, reconsider, rearrange, and finally, let it go as the best I can do.

With the holiday season fast approaching, this posting and photos are meant to encourage and inspire the Vintage Modern hostess within all of us. Yes, she’s there…deeper for some, but available to be resurrected and don that cute party dress.

xx EllynAnne

Tie One On…Give from the heart…Then give thanks.


TIE ONE ON DAY and Give from the Heart



TIE ONE ON DAY™ is an annual opportunity throughout America to bring joy to the life of someone in need by giving from the heart.

Participation is oh-so easy. Simply wrap a baked good in an apron or other cloth and tuck in an encouraging note; then tie one on (an apron, of course!) and deliver your offering to one who could benefit from your gesture of kindness.

The more who participate, the more who receive!

To encourage your involvement and spread the love of TOOD, the dearest sponsors are providing their products for four scheduled giveaways on the four Wednesdays of the month (November 6, 13, 20, 27). The Grand Giveaway Winner of each of the four giveaways will be selected by a random number generator and announced on the four Wednesdays.

You need only enter once to be eligible for all giveaways!

ENTRY is by leaving a comment (+ your contact email!) here, on this blog. Sharing how you will celebrate TIE ONE ON DAY™ would be the best and offer inspiration to others.

TIE ONE ON DAY™ is a huge win-win, for the participant and the receiver. And by embracing TOOD, you will make someone else’s day brilliantly brighter.

TOOD reminds us of our heritage of generosity: “Women clad in aprons have traditionally prepared the Thanksgiving meal, and it is within our historical linkage to share our bounty.”

So, let’s get to it! and Tie One On…Give from the heart…Then give thanks.