Tie One On Day 2015 Lucky Winners

When tying one on (…an apron, of course!) for the happy task at hand – selecting the 4 winners of the Tie One On Day giveaways via a number generator – a tad of distraction on my part proved not a smart move, as my internet connection suddenly went kaput and stayed so. Apologies to all that I am a day late with the announcements.

Tie One On Day participant Susie Kroll has won the giveaways courtesy of Cultivar, the American Sewing Guild, Colonial Patterns & Taste of Home/Country Woman.

Tie One On Day participant Linda Kernodle is the winner of the generous giveaways from Cultivar, Schmetz, MikWright & Craftsy.

Tie One On Day participant Margie V. is the third winner of giveaways by sponsors Cultivar, Mary Mulari, Bernina, SewNews & Heirloomed.

Tie One On Day participant LuAnn will receive goodies from generous sponsors Cultivar, Amy Barickman, Raw Materials Design & Nancy Zieman.

TOOD 2015_x360
TOODay’s sponsors give from their hearts to encourage participation.


Thank you to all who entered this year’s giveaway and for inspiring others to make Tie One On Day a part of their Thanksgiving tradition. Your gestures of kindness made someone’s day so much brighter.

The sponsors and I send all our best wishes for a Thanksgiving of gratefulness, graciousness and plenty of pie.



Tie One On Day and Ellen March

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In 2009, I put together a mini-exhibit of my aprons and vintage domestic goods at the American Sewing Guild’s conference in Albuquerque. There, my path crossed with the sweetie pie editor of Sew News and Creative Machine Embroidery, Ellen March. Tying one on (…an apron, of course!), we discovered a shared passion for celebrating women of earlier generations and their talent in expressing themselves through needle and thread.

Ellen March_ea asg albu
Ellen March and EllynAnne first crossing paths at the 2009 ASG conference.

Two years later, Ellen invited me to appear as a guest on the inaugural season of her new venture, SewItAll TV. I was thrilled, very nervous and much relieved when Ellen brought her sewing skills to the Awesome Apron, and together we completed the project.


Ellen’s support of my love of aprons extends to her traditional sponsorship of Tie One On Day, my annual call-out to tie on an apron and bestow gestures of kindness to those in need. Responding to my yearly request for a TOODay goodie giveaway, she always provides…this year with a packed box of SewNews and Creative Machine Embroidery publications.

It was but a day or so after our TOODay giveaway emailing that I learned of Ellen’s concerns for her health and family’s well-being through her posting HERE. Please take a read, then take a look at this beautiful girl.

ellen m pic
Ellen March is asking for our support in her fight against breast cancer.


Wife, mama, daughter, sister, friend, colleague – Ellen is much-loved, admired and deserving of the very tenant of Tie One On Day: imparting gestures of kindness and especially in this situation, donations to her campaign: Ellen’s Breast Cancer Fight.

When considering kindness as a dollar point, imagine the campaign as the March family’s Thanksgiving dinner – instead of baking Ellen a pumpkin pie, donate the cost of the ingredients; in lieu of taking her a sweet potato casserole, donate the price of a sack of potatoes. I “fed” the fund a turkey dinner. Whatever your contribution, any amount will help to set the table.

The sooner the campaign’s goal is met, Ellen’s financial worries ease and she can completely concentrate on kickassing her cancer. So, please Tie One On (…an apron, of course!) and give from your heart and wallet to Ellen’s Breast Cancer Fight.


“Women clad in aprons have traditionally prepared the Thanksgiving meal, and it is within our historical linkage to share our bounty.”

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Thank you, everyone, for sharing this blog posting, participating in Tie One On Day, and putting the give back into Thanksgiving through acts of kindness to those in need.