apron*ology Countdown Giveaway!

Here it is – the cover of issue #3 !!!!

CVR_3rd issue [800x600]

Sticking with tradition, this yearly edition of apron love will publish February 1st, and as in the past, I’ll be giving away a pre-publication copy courtesy of Best Livesay, editor of the only magazine devoted to the art of the apron.

So, how to enter to win this prize of prizes? Just leave a comment on this blog by late evening on Wednesday, January 26th. Winner selected by Random Human and announced Thursday afternoon.

Beginning tomorrow, I’ll be posting about my October visit to Stampington’s headquarters in Laguna, home of apron*ology and dozens of artistic publications. Here’s a peek: After three years of emailing, Beth and I finally meet!

ea_Beth in lobby

Which brings me to announcing that with the new year is a new way to stay in touch and up to date with what’s what in apron land – the new Apron Memories Facebook page !

Now to get going on tomorrow’s posting! I’m so excited for y’all to see the world of apron*ology.


Tie One On…an apron, of course!

Apron Lover’s Giveaway Winner

Random Human Valerie of Five Star Cleaning picked the winner of the Apron Lover’s Giveaway, a pre-release copy of the second edition of apronology. Congratulations, Catey from Utah!!

The giveaway copy arrived in today’s mail, and I very very carefully turned the pages, front to back. And let me tell y’all right now that it is stunning and more.

I have to mail it out tomorrow, which is going to be hard to do! I put in an order for my own copy at Paper Silver Stone, an independent creative shop in Canon City, about a forty minute ride from where I live. apronology can be purchased from the publisher and major book and hobby stores. However you can secure a copy, just do it! From my one look-through, I deem it a treasure.

Thank you, Beth, for supporting this giveaway, providing the copy of apronology, and making Catey’s day!
Aprons for apronology “3” are already being accepted! Deadline for submissions is early September. On your mark, get set…. hooray for aprons!
Tie One On…an apron, of course!