Wrapping It Up

I’ve been ever hopeful for an early song bird or tip of a crocus to announce spring’s near arrival, but here it is the fourth day of March and the gloom of February continues to seep.

Tiring of the sun playing a solid game of peek-a-boo, I began searching computer files of downloaded pictures for something to bring a smile. Zipping through the alphabet, a folder caught my attention. Titled Cozied Covered_Art, I immediately remembered the contents and before the first click, was already smiling.

About two years ago, we were biking on a Denver trail and there it was, a tree wearing a colorful, crocheted trunk wrap. The dressing was something unexpected and exciting, and we pedaled on with a new energy. I didn’t realize what we’d come upon is an artistic movement called yarn bombing.

Yarn bombing is about bringing tactile beauty to a unique scape. With the canvas for yarn bombing undefined, the artist is only limited by imagination. What’s inherent in this discipline is the work is joyful and all who encounter it smile.

From around the world is yarn bombing:

At the forefront of this decorative movement is Carol Hummel, an artist living in Ohio. Her mission of uniting people through the act of art making is a global work in progress. A visit to her website is a travelogue of explosiveness, but in a good way. Carol says it best:

“As an artist, I think yarn bombing is a way to bring art to the people. Whether yarn bombing is done in stealth or with permission, I think it’s an extremely positive, creative, uplifting, happy experience for the people creating it as well as the people seeing it and living with it.”

Much closer to home, was this recent yarn bomb at the Denver Art Museum.

crochet-coral-reef-pattern-free-form-maggie-weldon-art-exhibit-denver-006-optwBig city living allows for such installations. I was so jealous of my Denver friends, until…

…on Main Street, in Pueblo! There was no one around, no one to share the excitement of such unexpected placement and the object of decoration, no one to exclaim over and over the disbelief and thrill and joy of experiencing yarn bombing.

But as with art, the image that impacts the most stays with us. And that nasty winter of chill-to-the-bone and soul, well, the artistry of spring will be here soon enough.

xx EllynAnne



Springing into spring

According to those days of the week towels, today should be wash day. Should be but it’s not. Because I was so in the mood to hang the laundry outside to dry in a sunny, pre-spring breeze, and but for the snowstorm that arrived earlier in the day, so I would have.

Instead, I have brought my laundry basket upstairs to my writing

vintage laundry basket

room and turned it on its side. Despite the gloom and chill outside, the view I have instead is this!

DSCN6979 [640x480]

With the first hint of the season’s change, I always add a touch of spring to my daily wear. This year’s “hint of color” is a new satchel, pictured here amidst the snow that shows no sign of letting up.

Macon_spring tote [640x480]

I have a reputation for springing into spring a tad early, and so the tradition continues. Happy Monday, happiest one day closer to spring.


Tie One On…an apron, of course!