Peach Pie Worth the Detour

The harvesting of produce is in the final weeks and we decided to take a ride out east of town to shop the farms. At Musso’s, the bounty was so artfully displayed, my sense took its leave and

Peach Pie_Musso farm produce inside [640x480]

was replaced with the desire to buy lots of food in bulk and do something great with it. By the time we wound our way to the checkout, my enthusiasm was waning for the job I was

Peach Pie_Musso corn corner [640x480]

committing to and instead of leaving with a grocery cart of produce, we purchased a bushel of peaches.

Peach Pie_Musso boxes of peaches [640x480]

Driving home and regaling my husband with visions of the peach pies I was about to make and freeze, I made a last second decision to exit the regular routing for a detour on a pastoral, two-lane country road. As I steered the car down the ramp and onto the road, I remarked at the beauty that is just outside our town. And just as those words left my lips, I saw him.

Peach Pie_view in rear view mirror [640x480]

Was there a reason, the officer inquired, why I was speeding at 50 miles an hour in a 40 mph zone? M-m-m-m, because I was coming off the ramp and going down a hill? Orrrrrr, because I was chatting at my husband about the beauty that is nature AND going down a hill?

Peach Pie_officer at window [640x480]

Orrrrrr, because I didn’t see you in time to hit the brakes and was going down a hill?

Tho’ agreeable to my notation that the country is indeed beautiful, and a bit sad that he was about to issue my first driving ticket ever, he nonetheless wrote me up. At 10 miles over the speed limit, that quarter mile was going to be costly. What to say but thank you – I was brought up to be polite, even in the most difficult of circumstance.

Peach Pie_$169 ticket [640x480]

With the peaches a day from turning, I needed to simultaneously dwell and process (which would be me multi-tasking). Step 1

Peach Pie_hot bath [640x480]

Step 2

Peach Pie_cold bath [640x480]

Step 3: I’m always surprised when boiling and a quick cool make peeling a breeze.

Peach Pie_skins slipped off [640x480]

A slicing incident leads to a napkin wrapped with scotch tape, and my concluding that the sign of a house without children is a house without a bandaid box.

Peach Pie_hurt finger [640x480]

Step 4: Six cups of sliced peaches sprinkled with almond extract, several pats of melted butter, quarter cup flour (which I was low on, so I substituted potato starch) and a tablespoon of citrus acid powder

Peach Pie_mixture [640x480]

Step 5: Toasted almonds chopped into smallish bits

Peach Pie_crushing almonds [640x480]

Step 6: Almonds sprinkled onto the bottom layer and topped with sliced peaches mixture. Cover with second crust, free forming the crusts’ edges to meet & crimp. Brush milk over the top crust & sprinkle with sugar; set pan on foil or a baking sheet in a 425 degree oven for 15 minutes; then 325 degrees for half an hour.

Peach Pie_almond base [640x480]

Step 7: Serve warmed with a dollop of whipped cream.

Peach Pie_a slice [640x480]

My pie pan is an oldie and sliced up without an eye to leftovers, delivers pie for 10. Given the cost of the peaches ($32.00) + the speeding ticket ($169.50), this was a $20.00 piece of pie, which I savored to the point of licking the plate clean. That detour was costly, but the smiles from friends who joined us for dessert…worth it.


Tie One On…an apron, of course!