Rodeo Reminder

It’s the State Fair and the one time of year I wear this special Colorado souvenir apron. It celebrates the state’s 100th anniversary (1859-1959). I found it in a local thrift shop and surmise that despite its age (51 years), its pristine condition is that it was never worn, folded in some drawer or other and then tossed by the “kids” when it was time to clean out Mom’s home. Such a shame, for it is such a unique piece of Colorado history. My tee shirt is embroidered Vintage Cowgirl. At least one of those words is authentic in describing me!

Our evening at the Fair included a rodeo. Walking to the bleachers had us passing by rodeo stock just as a wrangler opened the gate to move the bulls to individual stalls for their events. The dust storm kicked up by these massive athletes (in the rodeo world, participants both human and animal are considered athletic competitors) put a film over everything and brought on quite

a coughing jag, for which I had to go back the way I’d just come and seek a drink of water. On the way to the concession, I passed beneath the arena bleachers and caught this scene: the cowboys’ dressing room – where I tarried just long enough to answer the consummate question, boxers or briefs.

Returning to the arena, I took a different route and happened upon Miss Rodeo Colorado! The state’s premiere cowgirl, Kasie readying to compete for the title of Miss Rodeo America. As pretty a picture, this rhinestone cowgirl is also a super star rodeo athlete.

About ten years ago, I wrote about rodeo royalty and attended the Miss Rodeo America pageant out in Las Vegas. I was so interested in rodeo and the queen circuit because all involved are living a disappearing lifestyle.

Like a souvenir apron, once a year the State Fair is put on to remind us of the animal and human that built America’s West.


Tie One On…an apron, of course!