Separated at Birth or Just a Family Thang?

There are definite hereditary traits in my family, with going gray young the number 1. Or so I thought, until I came upon this picture taken of me with my Aunt Frances, who has just celebrated her 90th birthday.

OMG! The Queen Elizabeth Purse Gene is an inherited trait, too.
Which brings me to this query: Is there a trait you’ve inherited that’s not a physical trait, like a penchant for big hair or snorting when you laugh?
Do share, if only to make me feel better about the purse thing.
Tie One On…an apron, of course!


I did not need another purse, but then I spied this gem. A hybrid of functionality and design, it is a cross between two of my favorite things: a train case and a lunch box.

As luck would have it, we’re driving up to Denver tomorrow for a Big City evening- dinner and a gallery opening- and I’ll be toting this purse, a more wonderful accessory does not exist, EXCEPT…for a purse hanger.

Purse hangers were the popular gift to give and receive back in the days of my junior high years, but haven’t been around for eons. ‘Tis a mystery why they fell out of fashion, because a purse hanger keeps your bag close at hand and off filthy floors.

The hanger from which my little jewel will a’dangle is from fancynancyhand
, an on-line business. fancynancy turns out to be a Virginia girl, who is as nice as nice can be. And surprise surprise, in addition to designing purse holders, she is a JAG with the United States military. A true steel magnolia! Choosing which fancynancy holder to purchase proved impossible, so I bought all three. M-m-m, perhaps two more purse purchases are in order.

Tie One On…an apron, of course!