More Bang for Your Father’s Day Buck

Women have always loved dressing a man, and Father’s Day is the perfect gift-giving occasion to provide our guys a little extra something, an accessory perhaps, like a new tie.

Or perhaps this year, with something a bit different from the traditional neckwear, like underwear sewn from scratch. Resist over giving and save those new socks for his birthday.
man in boxers with cig www

Or an ensemble to replace the sweats and beer logo tee from college.
jamma dad www (Medium)

Or a coordinating shirt to his favorite past-time. 
western shirt dad www (Medium)

Or a complete head-to-toe redo!  If redone by season, that’s four new looks a year!
well dressed husband www (Medium)

Or just go all out and…
dad in an apron (Medium)

On Father’s Day, we tend to gift our guys with what we think they need, but the dads in our lives deserve so much more than a new tie.
Tie One On…an apron, of course!