2 Peas in a Pod Tie One On

Some things are just meant to be, and so it is that after a year of chatting via skype, Retro Rad Chef Emily Ellyn and I meet up! As EE and EA, we’re two vintage-lovin’ peas in a pod with a penchant for cat eye glasses and tying one on…an apron, of course! EE EA yellow front door fixed no www1991


When we weren’t laughing, we talked. And one topic was Tie One On Day and food as a gesture of kindness.

As a sponsor of Tie One On Day, Emily Ellyn brought with her a neat idea for the packaging of a TOODay food delivery, which appears in this video:

EllynAnne and Emily Ellyn Tie One On Day chit chat and packaging ideas


We may live far from one another, but as two peas, our paths are destined to cross again and often. Stay tuned!

Tie One On Day participation and entry for the giveaways is easy. Clicking HERE will take you directly to the blog, where you can leave a comment and inspire others by describing your gesture of kindness.

Thank you for spreading the word and love of Tie One On Day, because the more who participate, the more who receive!

Give From the Heart. Then Give Thanks.

xx EllynAnne