Chop Chop

A garage sale that includes vintage kitchen utilities is a serious weakness for me. I’m especially vulnerable to kitchen helpers with colored wooden handles. So when I spotted this red-handle chopper, there was no question but that it was going home with me.

Potato Salad_red handle chopper 2 a [640x480]

The chopper is a Foley Stainless 3-Blade. It’s been setting out on the counter for two weeks, just awaiting a debut demonstration on a dish with ingredients that needed a good chopping.

Finally, an invitation to dine with neighbors, and my offer to bring potato salad was accepted. Not that my potato salad is earth shattering or anything; rather, I would get to use my Foley!

Potato Salad_red handle chopper 1 [640x480]

I wasn’t sure if the blades were even sharp – this Foley is from the 1930s, and how long it had been in disuse who knows. Within the first push, the blades sliced through the eggs with such precision, not even a bitty of yolk crumbled loose. Within seconds, the eggs were a done deal, and with nothing else to chop, my Foley’s debut was over.

Potato Salad_red handle chopper 3

As I stood there admiring the nicely chopped eggs, I realized that for the first time, chopping was an experience, not a job within a recipe. All those years of slicing through hard boiled eggs with two dueling knives…now replaced with a vintage utility that perfectly chopped egg salad for another family a long, long time ago.

Potato Salad Fact: the spoilage danger has nothing to do with the mayonnaise – it’s the raw onion and potatoes that are bacteria’s playground.


Tie One On…an apron, of course!