Sharing a Tidbit of Good News

I’ve the alphabet to thank for a dear friend. Designated seating based on the spelling of our last names landed me, Ellyn Anne Levy in the desk behind Ginny Ray Legare. And a girlhood friendship was born. Today, we’re dear and old friends who talk several times a week, our calls always including a catch-up on what’s what with

GR_ea cropped [640x480]

my boyz and her three, twins Laura and Gregory, and Lucian.

There’s always news, but nothing so BIG of late as what’s happening to Laura and her band, Kylesa !!!


Kylesa’s interview and performance on NBC’s Last Call with Carson Daly is tomorrow, Wednesday September 28th!

Kylesa_group pic [640x480]

Laura is so sweet – just like her mama.

Kylesa_pic of Laura and GR [640x480]

Just had to share the pride my friend is feeling for her girl.


Tie One On…an apron, of course!