According to Oprah, “Kindness matters.”  Her sentiment is ever so timely, especially in light of recent events to the contrary.

Despite the turmoil, kindness does abound!

To lift spirits, be encouraged, and find inspiration, join in celebrating the 13th annual Tie One On Day!

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sharing how you will participate in this year’s Tie One On Day.

Thanksgiving is a holiday of sharing, recollection and traditions, and the apron symbolizes these concepts.

Please join in and tie one on…an apron, of course! and make a difference in someone’s life with a gesture of kindness.



Gratefully, EllynAnne


Cake, I really, really love you!

The occasion was a celebration, with champagne and a dessert, the menu. Only a most fabulous cake creation would do, and within the pages of

“Fruit is not dessert. Cake is dessert.” EllynAnne Geisel

CAKE, I LOVE YOU !, was this confection: a Dark Chocolate-Pudding Banana Cake. Author Jill O’Connor describes this cake’s chocolate pudding frosting as “…almost too decadent.” A chocolate pudding aficionado, I’d found the perfect dessert.

At first glance, this cake’s two-page recipe might intimidate; however, Jill’s talent as a cookbook author shines with straight forward, step-by-step instruction. For encouragement, I constantly referenced the photograph – three tiers of divine sumptuousness.

Bakers of all levels, take heed…if you can read, you can make this cake!

This is a cake completely from scratch. It’s helpful to study the recipe several times before breaking that first egg. Also helpful is noting you will need three cake pans of the same size (a detail I missed, which wasn’t a catastrophe but did have the cake looking a tad “Leaning Tower of Pisa”), and that the pudding must be made a day before use.

The day of, I baked the layers and assembled per the instructions. Minus the chocolate curls’ topping, the cake was a close enough approximation to have me pretty, pretty excited to present and serve.

Chocolate pudding as icing is da bomb!

Almost a week later, what’s left is still moist and delicious. Tonight’s dessert should finish it up, a sad note to what everyone who tasted agrees is the best cake ever!


Now, for some happy news – As a sponsor of Tie One On Day, Jill is giving away two (2) autographed copies of CAKE, I LOVE YOU!


In it’s 12th year, Tie One On Day is an annual opportunity to offer a gesture of kindness before giving thanks at Thanksgiving. Sponsors, like Jill, support TOODay because of the shared belief that through kindness comes change.

Give from the heart on Wednesday, then give thanks on Thursday!

CLICK HERE to be inspired by how others are embracing Tie One On Day and to enter for the giveaways provided by generous sponsors, like Jill O’Connor, the author of my now favorite cake cookbook, CAKE I LOVE YOU!

Thank you for participating in Tie One On Day – and making someone’s day brighter.

Gratefully, EllynAnne


2nd Wednesday Winner & Table-Scaping for Fall

Happy Wednesday, Deborah Johnson !  Via a random number generator, you’ve been selected the second Tie One On Day Giveaway WINNER.

                      #63  Deborah  writes:

I love the TOOD idea! I have made aprons for friends for years, and have enjoyed your books so much…they inspire me. The thought of sending someone a little encouragement in such a creative way sounds good to me, and I purchased my apron fabric over the weekend. I have a friend who has had a very tough year, and has managed to maintain a thankful spirit in the face of adversity. I will acknowledge that with an apron and loaf of something delicious on the 27th, thanks to you!




The generous sponsors of this second giveaway are: Craftsy,   National Association of Baby Boomer Women, IceMilk Aprons, MikWright, Nancy Zieman, Simplicity and MyMemories.  For a complete listing of Tie One On Day sponsors and their giveaways, please click here. Without hesitation, sponsors responded to Tie One On Day as consistent with the heart of their companies, and I am extremely appreciative of their support.

Remember, you need only enter/leave a comment once to be eligible for the remaining two giveaways !

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MyMemories is also providing its giveaway of the My Memories Suite v4 and two Gift Certificates to four additional randomly selected winners:

#50  Mary Jo Sommerfeld         #24    Alice Happe

#75  Betty Lou                     #105 Mindy



Tie One On Day received a major shout-out by AP Reporter, Jennifer Forker ! .  Jennifer’s reportage will appear nationwide over the next two weeks. Thank you, Jennifer, for including me and TOOD in this so-sweet article.



When entertaining, I enjoy the table-scaping as much as the actual event because it’s such a creative outlet. For a recent fall-ish gathering, I dug out from the stash this quilt topper, which I’ve had forever. Not once making a move toward sewing it to a bottom, I used it as a tablecloth.

Quilt Topper_dining table cloth 1 #tieoneonday

The fabric squares date from the late 1930s into the 1950s. The borders aren’t finished, so there are lots of threads dangling, which one day/some day, I will or not get to.

I set out to buy a bouquet for a central vase arrangement, but then I saw
the price of green peppers, 4/$1.00, and instead used those at each place setting. So easy and so beautiful. Love it when a spontaneous inspiration turns out much better than the plan.

Pepper vase 3 #tieoneonday prettier pic


Extending kindness is such a great All American impulse!

Katherine Frame via @tieoneonday/facebook


Give from the Heart. Then Give Thanks!

xx EllynAnne