Albuquerque High

Traveling to Albuquerque for the American Sewing Guild’s 2009 convention, the back of the car was layered with dozens of freshly ironed aprons and household cloth goods for my booth and a mini-exhibit to be displayed within the Exhibitor’s Hall. However, parking incovenient to the convention center’s front doors, the aprons and dishtoweling and fabric and hot pads and hankies and all else were less than delicately folded into one large mass by Tote Boy, my normally helpful and happy PC, and hauled several blocks with only one concern – that he reach air conditioning post haste. Alas, the collectibles I’d ironed to crispness summarily melted into wrinkles. Call it a heated moment in the extreme heat that is summer in New Mexico.
Once inside, one of us re-energized with a nappy.
Faced with transforming the booth and six portables all by my lonesome, I fortified first with a Coke; then, with hundreds of push pins, I attempted to create a flow of cloth. Within a half hour, I realized that having a drawn out plan of what went where would have been a huge help. Instead, I raced about rearranging or altogether pulling down what I’d just put into place.
Finally, I just stopped. Whatever was up and however it looked was good enough. Lesson learned. Here is a photo collage of the booth (the center picture) and the six displays.

I thought this collage would be a great way to share the display, but now I’m not so sure. Perhaps I need to post the pictures individually, so they are better viewed.

One delight of returning to ASG’s yearly convention was catching up with the wonderful women I’d met two years ago in Sacramento. And then there is the surprise meeting up, like this fabulous smiley moment with Ellen March, editor in chief of Sew News and Creative Embroidery magazines, and new sponsor of National Tie One On Day!

And the winner of my favorite pie book, Humble Pie by Anne Dimmock, is Bonniesline. A new Sunday giveaway is coming up. Only subscribers to the Apron Memories newsletter are eligible, so if you’re reading this and not subscribing… do give it a go!
Tie One On…an apron, of course!

Muchas Gracias, Daddy-O

On CBS Sunday Morning show, the Father’s Day tribute was to our dads no longer here and those adults lucky enough to still have their Daddy-Os around. It’s that sort of day for me, where I’m a bit heavy of heart thinking about my father, and on the flip side, joyous to see my husband basking in the glow of his sons’ love.
From my bilingual boyz to their jefe, a Father’s Day card with a kick of kitsch – the sombrero’s dingle balls are felt!

and inside, notes of gratitude… A card and handwritten sentiments – the best parent-present there is!

And speaking of presents: Backyard Daddy-O Giveaway lucky winners are ejaskol & aialvarez7.
And this, by anonymous

4 years: My Daddy can do anything!
7 years: My Dad knows a lot…a whole lot.
8 years: My father does not know quite everything.
12 years: Oh well, naturally Father does not know that either.
14 years: Oh, Father? He is hopelessly old-fashioned.
21 years: Oh, that man-he is out of date!
25 years: He knows a little bit about it, but not much.
30 years: I must find out what Dad thinks about it.
35 years: Before we decide, we will get Dad’s idea first.
50 years: What would Dad have thought about that?
60 years: My Dad knew literally everything!
65 years: I wish I could talk it over with Dad once more.

Have a Happy,
Tie One On…an apron, of course!

Road Trip to Smallville

Unlike travel by air, car travel allows for the impulse of exploration. This one time, only because I was at the wheel and spied the smallish, hand lettered roadside sign proclaiming Exotic Zoo Next Right, did my family get to experience taxidermy at its most bizarre.
And so it was recently, on our return from a southeastern Colorado 2-day loop trip, that we pulled off a stretch of state highway and followed the signs to downtown smallville, where there just happened to be an antique mall shoppe…my very, very favorite type of store, and a soda fountain. With PC parked on a sidewalk bench and happily sipping a rootbeer float, I made my way through the mall. About halfway through was a dining table covered with sheet music, and right there on top was this

Wow! and Wow!! I could not believe it. Copyrighted MCMXXV (a google search converted the letters to 1925) , the two verse ode to every fool of a fellow who’d tossed aside the love of a good woman, has a refrain begging forgiveness :

Tie me to your a-pron strings a – gain….I thought I was right but I was
wrong…Please take me back to-night where I belong….Won’t you tie me
to your a-pron strings a – gain__________ gain._______________

Oh, what Toby Keith could do with this song, or Dolly Parton for that matter!
5 days left to enter the Backyard Daddy-O Giveaway. News to share about the book,

which by the way, was previewed in Sunday’s Parade magazine – I contacted the authors, Ardie Davis and Chef Paul, and they will be personalizing the book to the winner!!

Later today, we’re driving to Breckenridge, where I’ll be presenting my Apron Memories program at a luncheon tomorrow. It’s a 3 1/2 hour drive, and along the way are a handful of smallvilles. I won’t be at the wheel (I’m a scaredy cat when it comes to mountain driving), so I can be extra vigilant for signs that beckon to pull over on our return. Such is the joy of a road trip!
Tie One On…an apron, of course!

the FAB (not-a-contest) GIVEAWAY countdown

April 1 is a day of universal gaiety (check out for French foolery!). It’s also the beginning of the countdown to the end-of-the month drawing of the FABULOUS not-a-contest GIVEAWAY’s six prize packages: 

For enumeration of the goodies and entry details to this fab giveaway, visit my March 25th blog or the front page of my website and click through to 3/25.  

My partner in this promotion, is Colonial Patterns/Aunt Marths’s Transfers, owned by the Price Family of Kansas City, MO…where the corn is as high as an elephant’s eye and license plates declare it the Show Me! state. The citizens of KC have a long-standing geographical and historical acquaintance with lean times, and throughout is their relationship with doing the most with the least. Cotton feed sacking exemlifies this.  

Whether inspired by the fabric of a 1940s bag or the mentality of making something new of something done-for, please create and enter this FABULOUS not-a-contest GIVEAWAY!  

xxea and the Price Family
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Quick Like a Bunny_Another Giveaway Deadline!

My friend Shawnee, of the very popular and lively flirty apron swaps, has put together a Kitchen Linens Remix. The swap requires registration, and the final day to register is TOMORROW, Tuesday, March 17th.

At last count, over 65 had already signed up to sew an apron from kitchen linen goods! Do hurry and register – and by doing so, Shawnee will enter your name in the drawing for a copy of The Kitchen Linens Book!!  

Tie One On…an apron, of course!