National Tie One On Day Girlfriend Gathering

Forever and a day, I’ve been meaning to make the introduction of three particular women friends to one another. But it wasn’t until I was baking batches of sweets and quick breads for my National Tie One On Day deliveries that I was struck with the genius notion of inviting them over for a Tie One On Day girlfriend gathering/goodie packaging/social hour.

The quickie invite for an early afternoon tea repast included tying one on…an apron, of course!

girlfriends in aprons 5301 (Medium)

Outside this picture’s framing is a narrow table where I set out a tea service I inherited from my mother-in-law (which gets little enough use, so any chance is seized), plates, nibblies and little linen fingertip napkins. The napkins have the letter “G’ embroidered in teeny, tight stitches – white on white – so elegant


but at the same time, it’s a napkin, so staining is inevitable. How I’d love to ask the creator what in the world she was thinking!

Home for a late lunch, PC snapped these pictures AND took this video of our gathering.

Hope my gfg inspires!