A Giveaway and a Take-Away Apron

TOOD_2013_504x607 79 dpiTis the eve of the 4th and final fabulous Wednesday giveaway, with sponsors Cultivar, Hip Girls Guide to Homemaking, American Sewing Guild, Stampington & Company, Emily Ellyn Retro Rad Chef, Simplicity and MyMemories providing a caboodle of giftees to one winner. Sponsors sign on to be a part of Tie One On Day because they support giving from the heart through a gesture of kindness to one in need.

Sponsors giveaways are the loveliest and you need only have entered once to be eligible for this final drawing. If you’ve yet to enter, do so HERE.


As an apron collector with hundreds to choose from for tying on or wrapping a baked good for TOOD delivery, I’m not sure what led me to put everything on the back burner and sew an apron, but so I did.

What I came up with is such an easy project, I decided to create kits for guests to sew their own aprons before settling in around the Thanksgiving table!


Sew an Apron_3 finished www


Sew an Apron_1_you will need www


Sew an Apron 2 finished closeup www


For the children, cut the towel in half or in quarters (use pinking shears to avoid messy edges or let it fray au natural) and cut the ties to 12”.  Adult assistance is necessary for avoiding needle pricks, but having band aids available for the big and small is a good idea.

While everyone is busy sewing, final preparations in the kitchen can be handled without well-intentioned interruptions.

This take-away apron will be a nice reminder of our gathering. I’m already thinking of next year’s kit – what a new and fun tradition!

xx EllynAnne