Night out in the Big City

We live less than two hours from Denver, but you’d think it was double that the way we hem and haw over going up there. So when we do make the drive, especially on a week night and with the threat of snow, the purpose must be special…more special than my new purse needing a night out.

The impetus was to meet Corinne Joy Brown, the new editor-in-chief of SHINE, Denver’s premiere lifestyle magazine, who in her spare time wrote an article about my apron journey for the Feb/March issue of Colorado Expression magazine. Corinne Joy (that’s her in the middle) exudes a warmth and hospitality over the telephone that in person is quadrupled. She is so lovely, I forgot I was jealous of her coat and hat: a haute vintage velvet cape and matching beret.
Here we are at the Michele Mosko Fine Art gallery for an exhibit opening I’d read about in the Denver Post (and the second reason why we drove up to Denver). On the right is Michele Mosko, who just happens to be Corinne Joy’s sister! Funny how the Big City turned out not to be so big after all.

Tie One On…an apron, of course!