When I created Tie One On Day fourteen years ago, I had hopes its essence – that giving from the heart made someone else’s day brighter – would be embraced worldwide. And if ever there were a need for a worldwide hug, it’s now.

A few weeks ago, our little Temple in Pueblo, Colorado, was the proposed target of Nazi hatred. Thankfully, the FBI and local police thwarted his plan. Tho’ the attack did not take place, the idea of such violence against our Jewish community left us shaken. Friends from around America reached out, and in doing so, made us feel safe and loved. That’s kindness.

Thinking kind thoughts is empathizing. Acting on empathy is kindness. #JUSTDOIT

I like most people and enjoy showing them as much, especially with a delivery of a homemade food.

My first Tie One On Day delivery was to an artist. Upon attending a pop up art exhibit by neon artist Scott Young (find him and his talent on instagram @scottyoungstudio), I  was immediately caught up in the excitement of his work and his genuine niceness. It was his description of a hectic schedule through the end of the year that led me to one thought: this man needs the sustenance of a hearty soup.  Yes, that’s how I think.

A reusable wrapping of cloth and a handwritten note are tenants of Tie One On Day

The bean soup recipe I use is easily made in a crock pot. Freezing the soup and delivering in a container that does not need returning is always a good idea. Here we are at the pop-up. That we’re both smiling is the win-win of Tie One On Day, for the giver and recipient.  #JUSTDOIT

Delivering in person is a Tie One On Day bonus


Following the thwarted attack, a neighbor to one of our children gave our Jewish community a gift that required more than the requisite thank you note. For them, I baked Pecan Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls…from the latest cookbook by my friend, Eliza Cross.

Whether store-bought or home-baked, a pretty plate will be used later and serve as a                                                                                   reminder of thoughtfulness

Because the delivery was on a Thursday, I chose this days of the week toweling. The note expressing gratitude was tucked beneath.

The rolls were first covered with plastic wrap to prevent sticking

Kindness is taught, not by talking but by example. Accompanying me on her first Tie One On Day delivery, my granddaughter.

There is no age too young to begin teaching kindness

Gestures of kindness during the month of November are especially relevant. With all my heart, thank you for making Tie One On Day a part of your Thanksgiving tradition.

Gratefully, EllynAnne

101 Things To Do With a Pickle

I enjoy a cold, crunchy pickle as a side to a sandwich, but never pickle as an addition to a recipe. So it appears an odd pairing that I’m reviewing this book:


pickle cover no nl overlay


My receipt of the book was generated by a six degrees of separation thing – although Eliza and I haven’t met, we have a mutual author friend, Irene Rawlings, through whom I learned of Eliza’s latest cook book project. Serendipitous was my coming across a pickle compendium within the pages of an old, old issue of a woman’s magazine, which I thought Eliza would enjoy, and so offered it via Irene. Such circuitousness led to a gracious response, as well as a complimentary copy of “101” and the opportunity to review it.

Straight off, it is a cute book, in size not much larger than a big pickle jar, with the convenience of a spiral binding, so it lays flat when open. Appreciatively, the recipes are of handy ingredients, nicely spelled out, and accomplishable. If one can read, one can cook from this book without fear of failure.

My hands-on review of “101” is based on two dishes, CHICKEN PICKEN SALAD and DILLY HUMMUS. Served with wine as a light repast, these recipes were hits with my husband, a guest, and to my surprise, me.

pickle review food plate no overlay

In using the pickle to spice up the familiar (chicken salad) and add piquant to the bland (hummus), Eliza is introducing the pickle as a non-scary additive. Her recipes are like invitations to new and exciting places (Scandinavian Open-Face Sandwich), familiar by-ways (Pickle Cheeseburger Pie), and off-road adventures (Sweet Pickle Ice Cream).

I’m happy “101” came my way, and I hope my review spurns you to investigate if it should join your cook book library.

xx EllynAnne

“101” is published by Gibbs-Smith and available wherever books are sold.