Happy Donut Day!

Today is National Donut Day and as a Krispy Kreme devotee, I am in celebration mode. Two glazed donuts for breakfast, and now I’m wishing I’d saved one for later or at least bought 3.

I’m not alone in my love of donuts. According to one of my favorite little pamphlets, published in 1945 by the Doughnut Corp. of America, the donut is a symbol of fellowship, friendliness, and a good time.

                      Blog_Nat Donut Day cover (Medium) 

 31 pages in length, this pamphlet is filled with party games that revolve around donuts!

Blog_donut games (Medium)

 There’s the Donut Archery Contest, Donut Nose-Pushing Race, Donut Horse Racing, Donut Pirate Party and Donut Buffet.



And what had to be the most popular game of all: the Donut String Kiss Stunt, 

                 Blog_Donut Kiss 

where  “…it will be a minor miracle if this little divertissement (that’s French for amusement) does not end in a kiss…which is an appealing idea to young couples who are just looking for a good excuse anyhow.”

And if a planned event weren’t enough reason to bring on the donuts, there was this announcement:

                Blog_Natl Donut cartoon (Medium)

Page after page of creative ways to serve donuts, like Donuts as Cereal and Sandwich Donuts with fillings of pimento cheese, cottage cheese and jam, or peanut butter and steamed raisins.

A Donut is a happy food, that satisfies the spirit as well as the appetite. Not many foodstuffs can measure up to that. Or not in my tummy, anyway.


Tie One On…an apron, of course!