Vintage Capery

What began as the most gorgeous morning with a sunrise of every hue of pink, has shifted to a gray sky and ferocious winds…sure signs of a storm on the horizon. A quick check of the refrigerator and cabinets indicates a trip to the grocery would be a good idea. Sigh. A gloomy day now looking to be even more so, what with the grocery store my least favorite destination. What to do to cheer myself up but to wear my special cape.

Created during my artistic residency in New York City when I studied to be a fashion illustrator, I purchased the cape from a vintage shop in the Village. It’s a deep navy blue, 100% wool, practically drags the floor and weighs a ton.

My decoration of choice utilized felt squares, the psychedelic palette indicative of the Sixties color wheel. The cape had such voice, it announced its own entrance:

Blog_Cape (Medium)

At first, I glued the pieces to the wool, but with the acquisition of a sewing machine that included the zig zag stitch option, I affixed the designs permanently.

The back of the cape is an explosive garden filled with all things happy.

Blog_Cape Back (Medium)

Not exactly a sophisticated design, it represents the spirit of the artist wannabe that was and is me.

I deem this cape so special, it is stored in a container, swathed in archival tissue. But not today -today I will wear it to the grocery store. While I’m prepared for stares, I also anticipate smiles. Brightening someone else’s day brightens mine, too…no better way to face a coming storm.


Tie One On…an apron, of course!