Wild, Wild, Wild West Fest Mess

The Professional Bull Riders Association moved its headquarters to my town and then threw a four-day party dubbed the Wild Wild Wild West Fest to celebrate the relocation. Since Thursday, there’s been non-stop activity down on Union Ave: pancake breakfasts, a mercado, an exhibit of western boots, a parade, outdoor concerts, vendors galore and bullriding by the primo cowboys in the world.

                    Blog_PBR logo (Medium) 

Deciding what to wear to the party in their honor was an easy choice – this Colorado Centennial apron and my embroidered cowgirl boots!  Too wonderful.

                   Blog_Apron and Boots

Before the final competition, we walked around and came upon this very long, long horned steer, and for $10.00, you could sit in the saddle and get your picture taken. As I contemplated whether I really wanted to climb up the step stool and wearing a skirt, hoist myself atop Oliver, he pooped.

               Blog_PBR watusi (Medium)

Oliver appeared quite content to have someone clean up after him, not unlike most men, I think.

             Blog_PBR watusi 2 (Medium)

Had there not been the delay, I would have clamored into the saddle and had my picture taken. In hindsight, Oliver did me a heck of favor. 


Tie One On…an apron, of course!

A Slice of Celebration

When the cause for a celebration is upcoming, an announcement or invitation to attend is usually sent prior to the event’s date.  However, there are some events that take place spontaneously and but for the quick of eye & camera, will go unheralded.

Graduate (Medium)       Vintage egreeting_boy hoolahooping (Medium)

I think all levels of achievement – from graduation to mastering the hoola hoop – are deserving of a nod and a cake, or this Refreshment Hour Sandwich Loaf, which appeared in a 1949 Workbasket:

                Blog_Workbasket_sandloaf recipe cropped (Medium) 

I can personally vouch for the delectability of the Sandwich Loaf, which was served at the  reception of my exhibit’s  opening at Ironworld in Chisholm, MN, back in January of this year. When I first noted it on the buffet, it had yet to be sliced, and I thought it was dessert.

Sandwich Loaf (Medium)

That I’m still talking about it, let alone took a photo of it during the event, is telling of my fondness for cake, even when the cake is a loaf.


Tie One On…an apron, of course!