Random Human Picks a Winner

On a mid-morning walk through the neighborhood, in search of a nice person who would ever so helpfully choose the winner of my Cake Wrecks giveaway #2, and behold! an aproned gardener, who graciously put her raking on hold and chose a number out of the blue.

Congratulations monalisaedmonson, Apron Memories newsletter subscriber # 387!

This is so much more fun – having a random human picking a random number over utilizing a computer program do the choosing. This could all change should I ever come across a computer tying one on…an apron, of course!

National Tie One On Day…spread the word!

Laughter+Cake = 1 Fab Giveaway!

In celebration of both laughter and cake, Andrews McMeel has provided a second copy of Cake Wrecks for me to giveaway!

To be eligible, just sign up to receive my Apron Memories newsletter. Winning subscriber will be announced Tuesday, October 22nd.

What’s not to love about a good laugh accompanied by cake.
Tie One On…an apron, of course!