Road Trip to Smallville

Unlike travel by air, car travel allows for the impulse of exploration. This one time, only because I was at the wheel and spied the smallish, hand lettered roadside sign proclaiming Exotic Zoo Next Right, did my family get to experience taxidermy at its most bizarre.
And so it was recently, on our return from a southeastern Colorado 2-day loop trip, that we pulled off a stretch of state highway and followed the signs to downtown smallville, where there just happened to be an antique mall shoppe…my very, very favorite type of store, and a soda fountain. With PC parked on a sidewalk bench and happily sipping a rootbeer float, I made my way through the mall. About halfway through was a dining table covered with sheet music, and right there on top was this

Wow! and Wow!! I could not believe it. Copyrighted MCMXXV (a google search converted the letters to 1925) , the two verse ode to every fool of a fellow who’d tossed aside the love of a good woman, has a refrain begging forgiveness :

Tie me to your a-pron strings a – gain….I thought I was right but I was
wrong…Please take me back to-night where I belong….Won’t you tie me
to your a-pron strings a – gain__________ gain._______________

Oh, what Toby Keith could do with this song, or Dolly Parton for that matter!
5 days left to enter the Backyard Daddy-O Giveaway. News to share about the book,

which by the way, was previewed in Sunday’s Parade magazine – I contacted the authors, Ardie Davis and Chef Paul, and they will be personalizing the book to the winner!!

Later today, we’re driving to Breckenridge, where I’ll be presenting my Apron Memories program at a luncheon tomorrow. It’s a 3 1/2 hour drive, and along the way are a handful of smallvilles. I won’t be at the wheel (I’m a scaredy cat when it comes to mountain driving), so I can be extra vigilant for signs that beckon to pull over on our return. Such is the joy of a road trip!
Tie One On…an apron, of course!