Sisters on the Fly, a 2-Winner Giveaway!

Denver is always fun, made the more so when my very, very creative friend, Irene Rawlings, has a tidbit of time to spend with me. Such was the nice surprise last week, which is how I was able to secure a photo of us to accompany this Sisters on the Fly 2-Winners Giveaway!

Irene is the author of the very first book about the traveling sisterhood known as Sisters on the Fly. Sisters on the Fly: Caravans, Campfires, and Tales from the Road celebrates the camaraderie and travels of a group of women who live by the motto “we have more fun than anyone.” Even if you’re not into fishing, much less outdoorsy anything, you will love this book. It’s a travelogue like no other.

Irene and I not only share a friendship – we’re both published by Andrews McMeel, and it’s through AM that I’m able to offer two pre-publication copies of SOTF!

So here’s the deal. You can enter to win twice: once by leaving a comment at the end of this blog entry and another as a subscriber to my Apron Memories newsletter. If you’re already a subscriber, then you’re already in the running! Easy breezy.

Timeline on this 2-Winner Giveaway: Friday, May 7th is the last day of entry. Winners announced Saturday, May 8th (ten days before the book’s official publication, May 18th).

I was turned on to SOTF by my friends Grace Brown and Rene Groom, who are gearing up for a Spokane/Posser, WA gathering, complete with barn dance! This will be some good time, and missing out is a bummer. However, when it comes to SOTF, another good time is just around the bend.

Tie One On…an apron, of course!