Winners of Mommyhood in Shades Giveaway!

Door to door, the nearest airport is a forty minute drive. The landscape between our door and the airport is very native, the clearest of skies and a panoramic view of a gorgeous mountain range. Very bucolic, yet there’s a tinge of sadness because curbside arrival means saying good bye.

And so it was today with Gloria, our friend from Kansas City. As PC drove, I surprised her with the request to be the Random Human number picker for the Mommyhood in Shades Giveaway!

As can be seen, Gloria had a fun time showcasing her two choices: Congratulations winner 12, Linda C.

and Sarah, winner 48!! Aprons from Colonial Patterns on their way!
Thank you one and all for entering and sharing such sweet comments.

Do stay connected for another birthday giveaway – mine! Details a’coming.

Tie One On…an apron, of course!