Hair Heaven

Any visit to a secondhand store has my radar on high alert for a portable hair dryer.  Rare to find one that’s in new condition, but so I did yesterday! Exclamation point absolutely necessary.

Hair Dryer case

Either this sat in someone’s basement for 50+ years, a gift that was never regifted, or perhaps on a beauty shelf in a drugstore that closed. However it landed at the Goodwill, I’m happily its new/only owner.

Hair Dryer Open
Having never learned to blow dry my own hair, I’ve always relied on humidity to keep it crazy curly or a roller setting for a once-a-week styling.

Sitting under a dryer with the heat blowing, it’s impossible to talk on the phone. While the drone is conducive to dozing off,  I use the time to multi-task: hair dries as I flip through a stack of magazines ripping recipes I almost never use.

A once-a-week ritual, an hour of time, costs nothing and the outcome is always the same.  Not perfect, as a visit to a salon might accomplish, but almost, which is perfectly fine for me.

Tie One On…an apron, of course!