a Simply Sublime Giveaway!

Based on my clicking preferences at amazon, the site has taken to recommending books. Well, alright!, I thought, figuring I’d follow one link to see just how spot on the trackers are. The book, a craft selection, featured an apron on the cover, so adorably photographed. Visual that I am, I was sold.

Giveaway_Jodi Kahn_craft book [640x480]

Curious about the author, I followed link upon link to Jodi’s website. Then more clicking to see her recent appearance on the Today show, where she made a tote from a tee shirt, duct tape and a stapler, to multiple magazines and this wallet crafted from comics and iron on vinyl. Jodi is obviously a very creative person, endlessly inspired by what lies about our homes.

Giceaway-Jodi Kahn wallet [640x480]

I was so taken with the bucolic design of her site in juxtaposition with the excitement of her creations, I contacted Jodi to tell her just this. And to request a copy of Simply Sublime Gifts to giveaway.

Jodi is delighted to provide such a giveaway, and it will be awarded Wednesday, January 5th. To enter to win, just leave a comment by Tuesday, late late evening. Winner selected by random human (much more fun than the generator).

Conversing with Jodi was like chatting the old fashioned way – no impatience to hurry things along, to make a point in 140 characters (or less! for the uberachievers), use icons instead of language or the worst – tippitytaptapping an email to someone else as I’m speaking.

I miss when we made time for real conversation. Such is this new leaf idea for the new year!

wall telephone_woman in apron_cropped


Tie One On…an apron, of course!



Five years ago, I embarked on a personal campaign to put the “give” back into Thanksgiving through a gesture of kindness. Little more than wrapping a baked good within an apron and writing a note of encouragement, I was unprepared for the uplifting feeling I experienced upon delivering the bundle to a neighbor going through a difficult time. Such is National Tie One On Day a win-win for giver and receiver.

To encourage your participation in National Tie One On Day™, a fabulous group of sponsors are putting some “give” into the NTOOD Goodie Bag Giveaway! Five national winners will be selected to receive from

American Sewing Guild, a special edition tote bag benefitting the Maliki Mums in Kenya, Africa and membership package

Colonial Patterns/Aunt Martha’s Transfers , an assortment of transfers, toweling, embroidery floss, needles and hoops and aprons

Creative Machine Embroidery and SewNews, CME and SewNews magazines

Apron-iCity and FabShop, a fabric lovers gift pack

Simplicity, a copy of Simplicity Pattern’s Simply the Best Home Dec Sewing

Haralee®, a $25 gift certificate

IceMilk Aprons, the Rolling Pin Oatmeal waist apron

Mary Mulari Productions, Sew-Green Pattern and a personalized copy of Appliques with Style

MikWright, a MikWright apron and 1 dozen MikWright greeting cards

Andrews McMeel Publishing, signed copies of The Apron Book, The Kitchen Linens Book and Apronisms

National Association of Baby Boomer Women, a membership package

Pillowcasegram & Other Things™, an apron and $14.95 gift certificate

Rebecca Ruth Designs, a selection of Rebecca Ruth Designs patterns

Sew,Mama,Sew! , a $15 gift certificate

Small Town Living, a compilation cd of STL articles and a gift certificate

Stampington & Company, issue 3 of apron●ology magazine

To enter the NTOOD 2010 Goodie Bag Giveaway, just leave your email address and a comment here – I’d so love to know how you will be participating in National Tie One On Day™, what you’ll be making, baking or sewing, the beneficiary of your act of kindness, how you’re putting the give back into Thanksgiving…that sort of thing!

The five Goodie Bag winners will be selected early Thanksgiving morning using an automated random number chooser. I’ll be contacting the winners via email – without an email, however, another winner will be selected.

Thank you, thank you for participating in National Tie One On Day™, for spreading the word and posting the National Tie One On Day logo on your site.

xxea and NTOODay sponsors

Women in aprons have traditionally prepared the Thanksgiving meal, and it is within our historical linkage to share our bounty.”

Winners of Mommyhood in Shades Giveaway!

Door to door, the nearest airport is a forty minute drive. The landscape between our door and the airport is very native, the clearest of skies and a panoramic view of a gorgeous mountain range. Very bucolic, yet there’s a tinge of sadness because curbside arrival means saying good bye.

And so it was today with Gloria, our friend from Kansas City. As PC drove, I surprised her with the request to be the Random Human number picker for the Mommyhood in Shades Giveaway!

As can be seen, Gloria had a fun time showcasing her two choices: Congratulations winner 12, Linda C.

and Sarah, winner 48!! Aprons from Colonial Patterns on their way!
Thank you one and all for entering and sharing such sweet comments.

Do stay connected for another birthday giveaway – mine! Details a’coming.

Tie One On…an apron, of course!

Vintage Inspiration meets Rick Rack

When in need of an apron as an accessory, I look first to my collection. Yet even should I spy the perfect apron, I may still decide to just sew one up – the decision coming much faster than the actual stiching! So it was with this apron, which boasts not only a vintage embroidered hand towel but  

rick rack…my all-time favorite embellishment. I made this apron 4 years ago to wear with a chintz strapless tea-length dress.  I’ve worn it dozens of times since – not only for its charm, but it took me forever to apply that rick rack!  Time, I know, to let that go.

Counting down the weeks left (four) to enter the FABULOUS not-a-contest GIVEAWAY! Check my March 25th blog entry for details. Here’s another look at the prizes 6 lucky winners will receive!  

I’m preparing for a two week tour with my beautiful new book, and the details of that will be coming at ya very soon! Meantime, I’m laying out my dresses and thinking apron-as-accent. A fashion show moment perhaps?
Tie One On…an apron, of course!

Lost and Found

Back in 1999, when I first began listening to apron recollections, a common lament was We threw out all her aprons, never imagining we’d regret doing so or I saved a single apron, and it is my prized, most precious possession. That refrain is one I continue to hear, as in this email:

I ran into your book at the bookstore today and hope you can answer a question. My grandmother was always making aprons for people. The one we remember most was one we knew as the necktie apron as it was made of many sections shaped like neckties ( folded up similar to the umbrella skirts of yesteryear). The apron had a skirt only, no bib. Grandma died many years ago and now we realize that none of us have any of her aprons or even a picture of the “necktie apron.” Have you ever seen an apron of that description. Am really looking for a description, picture, or directions to make to make to put in our memory book of Grandma. Thank you.

I could hardly write back fast enough, Is this the pattern you’re seeking?
My collection of patterns isn’t all that extensive, but I happen to have this one, printed by McCalls in 1941.

Before I opted whether or not to share this pattern here, I considered the copyright (a mere 66 years) and contacted McCalls. Elizabeth Moss of the company’s consumer affairs department consulted with the legal department and archivist. Seems the disregard for pattern copyrights is flagrant and pattern companies are on the lookout for illegal use of what is rightfully theirs.

I approve of their protective posture, and thusly, only the pattern’s face is published here, which is exactly what Grandma’s family was hoping for.

Tie One On…an apron, of course!


Living a Dream

Fall 1999, I purchased one apron to inspire me as I wrote an article about the old-fashioned symbol of mothering and domesticity. Six years and 400 aprons later,
Fall 2005, Andrews McMeel Publishing took a chance on a first-time author (me!) and the idea of a book about aprons. Here we are – Prince Charming and me – smilin’ to beat the band and celebrating that life-changing moment:
Fall 2006, THE APRON BOOK debuted on CBS Sunday Morning and at a party hostessed in the Good Housekeeping dining room by Ellen Levine, executive director of Hearst magazines and a true, real-life champion of women and their dreams. Here we are – Ellen L., my sons Noah and Gideon and me – smilin’ to beat the band and celebrating that life-changing moment:
Spring 2007, THE APRON BOOK is awarded its first piece of jewelry – a gold medal by the Independent Publishers of America. Here we are on the steps of The Palace Hotel in New York City at Book Expo America, smilin’ to beat the band and celebrating that life-changing moment:
Fall 2007, THE APRON BOOK enters its sixth printing. Here I am celebrating that life-changing moment with a bevy of apron lovers at the BookMark in Atlantic Beach, Florida:
New Year’s 2007: Thank you for embracing THE APRON BOOK and its message. I am forever indebted to your appreciation that aprons don’t hold us back, they take us back.

Wishing you a new year of Kodak moments.

Tie One On…an apron, of course!

Jingle Belle

I wear my Jingle Belle apron but once a year, saving its seasonal outing for that special invitation. This go round, the wearing was to Christmas dinner at Heidi and Phil’s, our adorable neighbors. Just in case there was a scarcity of appropriate apron-wear, I brought a tiny valise filled with a selection from my collection.

Christmas is also the once-a-year outing of my black pumps with the diorama lucite heels.
Purchased from a JCPenney catalog many years ago, they are man-made cheap-o’s, and by now, style-wise a tad dated. I care for them like I would a piece of art, which they are to me.

Tie One On…an apron, of course!

Hanukkah Jingle Bells

On the eighth night of Hanukkah, our tradition is to invite non-Jewish families to celebrate the final night of our holiday. Once the candle lighting and latke eating are over, we all sit in the living room, the glow of the menorah’s candles the only light, and sing the dreidel song. A child’s song, it’s easily adapted to a round, like row, row, row your boat, and within one go, everyone knows the words. As far as catchy holiday tunes go, the dreidel song is the Jewish Jingle Bells.

This year’s celebrants included Mimi, Isabelle and Amber, a trio clad in their Hanukkah aprons, and a rambunctious quintet of five little boys. Every year, I take a picture of each family, a photographic growth chart, which becomes a part of our collective history.

Menorahs are their own art form, with artists worldwide uniquely interpreting the 9-candle candelabra. Terrie and John, who joined us for night number six, gifted us with a ceramic menorah handcrafted in Mexico, which we filled with candles and lit night eight. They also brought a lovely merlot. Menorah & Merlot, my favorite M&M’s.

Tomorrow I’ll clean the menorah of candle drippings, put away the decorations and file the latke recipe. Next year, may our celebration be in a world at peace.

Tie One On…an apron, of course!