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New: THE APRON BOOK : Podcast #1 – Author EllynAnne Geisel, foreword contributor Beth Livesay and producer/interviewer Tracy Wahl, formerly of npr, chat about their connection to aprons, the continuing relevance of aprons in today’s world, and connecting to the past while moving forward.

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About The Apron Book:

The Apron Book

Warm and inviting, but (like an apron) quite practical, The Apron Book is a celebration of a great American icon. Apron enthusiast Ellynanne Geisel, who curated the traveling exhibit, Apron Chronicles, returns us to hearth and home in this updated edition of the award-winning book. In this paperback edition, EllynAnne reflects on the grassroots movement of apron love in a new introduction, and a new foreword by the former editor of Apronology magazine expounds on EllynAnne’s mantra that aprons don’t hold us back; they take us back because the connection to the past is a strong one.

The Apron Book showcases full-color photos of new and vintage aprons from Geisel’s vast collection, patterns for four basic apron styles and myriad variations, recipes, tips on collecting and preserving vintage aprons, and heart-tugging stories from the traveling apron exhibit. The book also explores the history and heyday of aprons and looks at the various roles aprons still play when worn in the kitchen, around the house, by the backyard grill, on the job, or for a special occasion.

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TIE ONE ON DAY 2017 Celebrates 12 Years of Kindness!

The more who participate, the more who receive acts of kindness


Twelve years ago on Thanksgiving eve, I wrapped a baked good in an apron with a handwritten note of sympathy tucked in, and delivered it to a neighbor experiencing more heartache than should ever be. Her response of delight and warmth was unexpected and very touching.

In offering a small gesture of recognition to her family’s situation, I was stunned at the joyfulness that I experienced. The win-win of the exchange was so memorable, I knew it had to be shared. So I created TIE ONE ON DAY™.




To encourage adding Tie One On Day to your Thanksgiving traditions, a dedicated group of generous SPONSORS are putting some fabulous “give” into the TOODAY 2017 GOODIE GIVEAWAYS!

To enter the Tie One on Day Giveaways, leave a comment at the end of this blog posting, sharing how you will participate in this year’s TOOD. Your comment is your entry into the November 22nd giveaway drawings! Four (4) Giveaway Winners will be randomly selected and contacted via their provided email. ***Winner must live within the USA.

Thanksgiving is a holiday of sharing, recollection and traditions, and the apron symbolizes these concepts.

Please join in and tie one on…an apron, of course! and make a difference in someone’s life with a gesture of kindness.


Gratefully, EllynAnne

A Giveaway and a Take-Away Apron

TOOD_2013_504x607 79 dpiTis the eve of the 4th and final fabulous Wednesday giveaway, with sponsors Cultivar, Hip Girls Guide to Homemaking, American Sewing Guild, Stampington & Company, Emily Ellyn Retro Rad Chef, Simplicity and MyMemories providing a caboodle of giftees to one winner. Sponsors sign on to be a part of Tie One On Day because they support giving from the heart through a gesture of kindness to one in need.

Sponsors giveaways are the loveliest and you need only have entered once to be eligible for this final drawing. If you’ve yet to enter, do so HERE.


As an apron collector with hundreds to choose from for tying on or wrapping a baked good for TOOD delivery, I’m not sure what led me to put everything on the back burner and sew an apron, but so I did.

What I came up with is such an easy project, I decided to create kits for guests to sew their own aprons before settling in around the Thanksgiving table!


Sew an Apron_3 finished www


Sew an Apron_1_you will need www


Sew an Apron 2 finished closeup www


For the children, cut the towel in half or in quarters (use pinking shears to avoid messy edges or let it fray au natural) and cut the ties to 12”.  Adult assistance is necessary for avoiding needle pricks, but having band aids available for the big and small is a good idea.

While everyone is busy sewing, final preparations in the kitchen can be handled without well-intentioned interruptions.

This take-away apron will be a nice reminder of our gathering. I’m already thinking of next year’s kit – what a new and fun tradition!

xx EllynAnne

3rd TOOD Giveaway Winner and Pie or Biscuits?

Happy Wednesday, #124 Kathleen!   Via a random number generator, you’ve been selected the third Tie One On Day Giveaway WINNER.

Here’s how Kathleen will be participating in TOODay:

With the rush of life, I constantly check on at couple in their late 80s, bringing them meals. They are a delightful couple who have weathered 67 years of marriage. By making her an apron and filling it with baked goods, it will make their day! Thank you for a wonderful idea!

I love my aprons. It is one thing that I do to keep memories of days gone by. Soon it will be time to bring out the holiday aprons for all to enjoy (and put everyday ones away for awhile).





The generous sponsors of this third giveaway are: 5 green boxes, Heavenly Hostess, CKMedia: SewNews/CME, Andrews McMeel, Colonial Patterns, Susan Marks (author), Simplicity and My Memories.

For a complete listing of Tie One On Day sponsors and their giveaways, please click here. Without hesitation, sponsors responded to Tie One On Day as consistent with the heart of their companies, and I am extremely appreciative of their support.

Remember, you need only enter/leave a comment once to be eligible for the remaining giveaway !

Entry is HERE



MyMemories is also providing its giveaway of the My Memories Suite v4 and two Gift Certificates to four additional randomly selected winners:

#39  Mildred                                    #94   Barbara Kratz

#139 Lee Newcomb                    #62 Linda VanDervoort





I thought I’d decided on biscuits and a pot of jam as my Tie One On Day offering, but this flashcard may be influencing me otherwise.

P is for Pie flashcard www


Busy days ahead, but filled with good things. Tie One On Day takes a lot of energy, but the results are so worth it. Thank you for helping to spread the word and love of the day.

xx EllynAnne

2nd Wednesday Winner & Table-Scaping for Fall

Happy Wednesday, Deborah Johnson !  Via a random number generator, you’ve been selected the second Tie One On Day Giveaway WINNER.

                      #63  Deborah  writes:

I love the TOOD idea! I have made aprons for friends for years, and have enjoyed your books so much…they inspire me. The thought of sending someone a little encouragement in such a creative way sounds good to me, and I purchased my apron fabric over the weekend. I have a friend who has had a very tough year, and has managed to maintain a thankful spirit in the face of adversity. I will acknowledge that with an apron and loaf of something delicious on the 27th, thanks to you!




The generous sponsors of this second giveaway are: Craftsy,   National Association of Baby Boomer Women, IceMilk Aprons, MikWright, Nancy Zieman, Simplicity and MyMemories.  For a complete listing of Tie One On Day sponsors and their giveaways, please click here. Without hesitation, sponsors responded to Tie One On Day as consistent with the heart of their companies, and I am extremely appreciative of their support.

Remember, you need only enter/leave a comment once to be eligible for the remaining two giveaways !

Entry is HERE


MyMemories is also providing its giveaway of the My Memories Suite v4 and two Gift Certificates to four additional randomly selected winners:

#50  Mary Jo Sommerfeld         #24    Alice Happe

#75  Betty Lou                     #105 Mindy



Tie One On Day received a major shout-out by AP Reporter, Jennifer Forker ! .  Jennifer’s reportage will appear nationwide over the next two weeks. Thank you, Jennifer, for including me and TOOD in this so-sweet article.



When entertaining, I enjoy the table-scaping as much as the actual event because it’s such a creative outlet. For a recent fall-ish gathering, I dug out from the stash this quilt topper, which I’ve had forever. Not once making a move toward sewing it to a bottom, I used it as a tablecloth.

Quilt Topper_dining table cloth 1 #tieoneonday

The fabric squares date from the late 1930s into the 1950s. The borders aren’t finished, so there are lots of threads dangling, which one day/some day, I will or not get to.

I set out to buy a bouquet for a central vase arrangement, but then I saw
the price of green peppers, 4/$1.00, and instead used those at each place setting. So easy and so beautiful. Love it when a spontaneous inspiration turns out much better than the plan.

Pepper vase 3 #tieoneonday prettier pic


Extending kindness is such a great All American impulse!

Katherine Frame via @tieoneonday/facebook


Give from the Heart. Then Give Thanks!

xx EllynAnne


2nd Tie One On Day Winner Wednesday

… is tomorrow (Nov 13)!  Sponsors Craftsy, National Association of Baby Boomer Women, IceMilk Aprons, MikWright, Nancy Zieman, Simplicity and My Memories are offering fabulous products as a thank you to one Tie One On Day entrant for participating and inspiring others to become involved.


The more who take part in Tie One On Day, the more who receive gestures of kindness, so please spread the word and love of TOOD. And if you haven’t already entered the giveaways, to do so is easy!

Just click HERE.

TOOD_2013_504x607 79 dpi Last week’s Wednesday Winner, Cyndi Swank, was thrilled of her selection, which she hopes is also a good luck sign for her brother-in-law, who was seriously injured in a car accident.

“Wow, this is so incredible! This win is coming out of left field, and is really a wonderful surprise for me.  At last, something really good is happening!”

And Linda, Jane, Patty and Debra, the four additional My Memories Digital Software recipients, are super happy with their surprise winning.

TOOD_2013_504x607 79 dpi  If you’re like me and always looking for apron inspiration, sponsor Bernina is showcasing apron designs on its sewitall blog, which includes this log cabin patchwork apron designed by my friend Erika Mulveena.

TOOD_2013_504x607 79 dpi  After skyping for a year with retro rad chef Emily Ellyn, our paths finally crossed while I was visiting my sister in Florida.

EE EA yellow front door fixed no www1991 (Medium)

Two peas in a vintage pod!

We created a video for Tie One On Day packaging, which you can watch HERE. It includes biscuits from a recipe called HamBob’s out of the Hamery in Murfreesboro, TN. This has to be the easiest, no-fail biscuit to bake. Here’s the goods:

  • 1  cup buttermilk
  • 1/8  teaspoon baking soda
  • 1  tablespoon active dry yeast
  • 1  tablespoon sugar
  • 1/4  teaspoon salt
  • 1/2  cup warm water (100F to 110F)
  • 3 to 3 1/4  cup all-purpose flour
  • 1/2  cup shortening


  1. Mix buttermilk and baking soda together.
  2. Mix yeast, sugar, salt and water together. Let stand until foamy.
  3. Combine flour and shortening, stirring with a fork until mixed well. Mix in buttermilk mixture. Mix in yeast mixture. (Dough will be wet.) Cover loosely with a kitchen towel and let rise in a warm place until doubled in size.
  4. Pat out dough to 1/2-inch thickness on a heavily floured board. Cut biscuits with a 2-inch cutter. Place on a baking sheet and let rise 20 minutes.



5.  Preheat oven to 400F.

6.  Bake biscuits 10 to 12 minutes, until golden brown. Makes about 18 (not sure why, but I get more than 18 with this recipe, and I have to bake a few minute longer for that golden color).


A butter slathered biscuit = the yummiest!


TOOD_2013_504x607 79 dpi  Thanksgiving is a holiday known for recollection, making new traditions and sharing. The apron symbolizes these concepts. So please join me and tie one on (an apron, of course!) and through National Tie One On Day, make a difference in someone’s life.

TOOD_2013_504x607 79 dpi   Question: What’s leftover pie?
Answer: The next day’s breakfast!


xx EllynAnne

2 Peas in a Pod Tie One On

Some things are just meant to be, and so it is that after a year of chatting via skype, Retro Rad Chef Emily Ellyn and I meet up! As EE and EA, we’re two vintage-lovin’ peas in a pod with a penchant for cat eye glasses and tying one on…an apron, of course! EE EA yellow front door fixed no www1991


When we weren’t laughing, we talked. And one topic was Tie One On Day and food as a gesture of kindness.

As a sponsor of Tie One On Day, Emily Ellyn brought with her a neat idea for the packaging of a TOODay food delivery, which appears in this video:

EllynAnne and Emily Ellyn Tie One On Day chit chat and packaging ideas


We may live far from one another, but as two peas, our paths are destined to cross again and often. Stay tuned!

Tie One On Day participation and entry for the giveaways is easy. Clicking HERE will take you directly to the blog, where you can leave a comment and inspire others by describing your gesture of kindness.

Thank you for spreading the word and love of Tie One On Day, because the more who participate, the more who receive!

Give From the Heart. Then Give Thanks.

xx EllynAnne

Generous Giving Promotes Acts of Kindness

Over the summer, we attended a large arts festival, where we entered into numerous drawings for large prize packages. Suffice that the only thing we won was telemarketing ring-a-lings that are impossible to curb. I share this to let all know that your entry into any giveaway of my promotion will not result in such harassment.

It’s always a treat to hear from a happy winner!  Thank you, Erika and quilty for brightening Caroline’s day.

apron page in quilty
“Dearest EllynAnne,
Thank you for the opportunity to join in and be a part of “Tie One On Day”.  I love selecting cheery apron prints,  stitching them up and giving them to my friends and family.
I will be watching the mails for Quilty…What a perfect gift to inspire my Chanukkah and Christmas stitching.
Many Thanks,
Double Blessings & Sweet Shalom, Caroline”

The winner of the first (of four) fabulous giveaways will be announced

TOOD_2013_504x607 79 dpi

tomorrow, Wednesday/Nov. 6th.  ENTRY for all giveaways is HERE.  Just leave a comment at the end of the blog, sharing how you will participate in Tie One On Day. You only need comment once to be eligible for all giveaway drawings. Winner must have a US mailing address.

Tie One On Day sponsors provide their giveaway products as encouragement to your participation and spreading the word and love of TOOD. Click HERE for a listing of sponsors and their generous gifts.

Postcard from Jennifer Utter www (Medium)


Trolling the internet for Tie One On Day advertising opportunities, I am too often distracted by the popup ads for shoe shopping. For whatever the reason, I resisted pictures of the shoes “it” knew I was looking for and stayed focused on the quest, which ended up a more perfect fit than any shoes!

no pattern required Ruth logo

Courtesy of Ruth at nopatternrequired , Tie One On Day and I are featured on the site and in this interview:   Photos of my favorite spaces within our very electically decorated home and other vintage collections are sprinkled throughout. As if any of us need more browsing suggestions, must say that nopatternrequired is a really fun site to explore.

With the deluge of holiday advertising and other distractions (like pop up shoe sales), Tie One On Day rises to the top because it is a genuine effort to generate gestures of kindness towards those in need. Thank you for spreading the word and the love of TOODay, because the more who participate, the more who receive!

xx EA


vintage colorado logo from rmpbs

It was quite the exciting day when Rocky Mountain PBS producer Lisa Olken and her exceptional crew arrived at my home to film my love of aprons as a segment in VINTAGE COLORADO.  It was a wonderful visit – chatting on end about the aprons in my collection and the women who once tied them on. The hours of our conversation have been edited into a fabulous video, which I’m so excited to share!

“Aprons” is one piece of VINTAGE COLORADO. Here is the link to the entire series: , which includes collectors of dolls, trailers, electronics, jewelry and salvage redo.

RMPBS is in the running to receive a prestigious Denver People’s Choice Award. Voting for the award is open to everyone everywhere and takes but seconds.  Just click Rocky Mountain PBS, KUVO, KUNC/KUJZ Join Forces for Culture and scroll to the bottom to cast. Thank you for taking the time to support this collaboration.

ea lisa www

And much hugs and love to Lisa and crew for letting me share my passion for Aprons, which don’t hold us back, they take us back.


apron·ology 2013 giveaway!

Thank you, Stampington & Company, for providing a sneak peek copy of

the 5th edition of apron·ology as a giveaway to 1 lucky apronologist !

apronology 2013 cover giveaway www

To enter, leave a comment on this blog, along with your email for notification. I’ll post the winner on Thursday, Jan. 30th at 9 pm mountain time.

This edition is just amazing – I’ve said that of the 4 previous editions, I know, but the use of the apron as a canvas of expression throughout this issue will just take your breath away.

apron·ology’s new managing editor is Andrea Rangno, and her influence over this already beautiful and inspiring magazine is a success.

#5 publishes February 1st !  Only once a year, and so worth the wait.

xx EllynAnne