apronology #3 giveaway winner!

My contributor’s issue of apronology #3 arrived yesterday. From editor Beth Livesay’s very thoughtful and beautifully written musing on the “state of the apron,” this issue is the most gorgeous yet, with the artistry of the apron taken to creative levels I hadn’t imagined possible. I am so honored my apron was selected!

CVR_3rd issue [800x600]

While the northeast is snowed in, out here on the High Plains the day is sunny, warm and perfect for an early morning stroll around our town’s Riverwalk. Thank you, agreeable Random Human, for pausing by the fantasy paddleboats and choosing the winner of the apronology #3 giveaway. Congratulations, katmom!

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apronology #4 is accepting submissions – deadline is September 15th. It’s not too soon to begin daydreaming and formulating an apron that reflects your creative self. And while you’re awaiting inspiration, be ready to be awestruck by the apronologists of apronology #3.


Tie One On..an apron, of course!

An Apron-Lover Giveaway!

If I could change one thing today, it would be that the date is June 25, not January 25th. Alas, that wish is not reality, so how else, I mulled, to bring all that is the uplifting spirit and gaiety of summer to a dreary, winter Monday? One phone call later, and do I ever have the answer: a giveaway featuring a pre-release copy of the second edition of apronology magazine!!!
GIVEAWAY ENTRY IS EASY: Just leave a comment, along with your email address (!) – so I can notify the winner. Winning number selected by Random Human Generator.
GIVEAWAY DEADLINE: this Friday, January 29th – so I can mail the winner her copy on Saturday morning.
Due to publish February 1, 2010, apronology “2” was nurtured over the past year to its fullest creative potential by editor Beth Livesay. As with the February 2, 2009 inaugural issue,

apronology “2” is her baby, so we can expect aprons-as-inspiration through the loveliest photography, artist revelations, tutorials, editorial commentary and goodness only knows what else! What I do know is I cannot wait to receive my own copy (which I ordered directly from Stampington, but can be purchased in stores all over).

I’m doubly antsy to see “2” because I have the honor of appearing in the inaugural issue. In Spring of 2008, I responded to a call-out for apron designs to appear in apronology, a newly conceived magazine devoted to the love of my favorite domestic icon. When I received notification from Beth that my design, Domesti-Chic (the entire article + photography is posted on my website. Just scroll down a bit and you’ll see it), had been selected from among hundreds

of apron submissions, I was astonished and very very happy. I loved working with Beth to finalize my creation and artist’s statement.

Stampington publishes a roster of publications, each a sunny-day to the spirit, no matter the season. Do visit the website, do read Beth’s blog, and do enter this giveaway…just one copy, I know, but that winner’s smile will be so bright, we’ll all need sunglasses!
Tie One On…an apron, of course!

The Apron Magazine is here!

Hey! and Hey! Lots of excitement today – I received my advance copy of the most anticipated magazine: apronology!!  A hundred plus pages devoted to the beauty and artistry of the apron, it’s a creative and inspirational masterpiece! 

So, how come I have a preview copy? BECAUSE my apron design, Domesti-Chic, was selected for this premiere issue!!  Pages 32 and 33 are all EllynAnne.  I am positively honored – wait until y’all see these gifted apronologists and their designs…and the photography. swooning here.

Beth Livesay, managing editor, and Jenny Doh, editor in chief, generously included me in the magazine’s editorial introduction and reviewed the original literary apronista, The Apron Book.
apronology is a must-have, and it is available for sale February 1.  Let the countdown begin!!
Tie One On…an apron, of course!