Heavenly Hostess Winners

A day late announcing the two winners of the Haute Heavenly Hostess Giveaway – I’m so sorry for this delay, which was due to my having a bit of difficulty reaching one winner. But both have now responded to their selection, and they are:

Garden Apron Winner
#14 Louise

Fiesta Apron Winner
#42 Mary Lea

Cynthia’s Heavenly Hostess line is so unique of fit and design, Mary Lea and Louise have extra good reason to be excited of their wins.

Tie One On…an apron, of course!

a Haute Heavenly Hostess Giveaway!

Heavenly Hostess Cynthia Wadell is an apron entrepreneur with gorgeous taste in fabric and an eye for elegant, flattering designs.

Cynthia Wadell [640x480]

Cynthia and I were featured in an article that appeared in the Los Angeles Times last year, but only recently connected. When we’re not talking about our individual paths of apron love, we’re chit chatting about the apron as a canvas of expression and the inspiration to an apron’s design.

Cynthia’s sizzling summertime designs include this Fiesta Cocktail Apron

Cynthis Wadell giveaway_FiestaFront [640x480]

and this Garden Party halter style in lime.

Cynthis Wadell_giveaway 2 [640x480]

To celebrate summer in style, Cynthia is sponsoring this Haute Heavenly Hostess Giveaway. Two gorgeous aprons, two lucky winners!

Entry is oh-so-easy – just leave a comment – Cynthia would love to hear which apron is your favorite – and include your email so should you win, I can let you know the good news!

This giveaway ends late evening of July 6th, with the winners selected by Random Human and posted July 7th.

Two winners!


Tie One On…an apron, of course!

Global Apron Love

For a while I’ve been thinking about the universality of aprons, and how in every major language, there is a word for apron

tablier – French

schutzblech – German

grembiule – Italian

エプロン – Japanese

앞치마 – Korean

avental – Portuguese

фартук – Russian

delantal – Spanish

停機坪 – Chinese

and that everyone, everyone (!) knows what an apron is and everyone has a story to tell.

Such musing has finally become a new apron initiative, where I will share aprons and stories collected from around the world. I’m very excited to debut…GlobalApron_logo_final [800x600]_thumb[3]

by Marianne Katte

I was born into a family nuts about boat races. Both my parents were quite into water sports (Father rowed in an 8-man boat and Mother was a member of the Otter swim club), and my grandparents had a villa on the Dahme where regattas were held.

In 1936, the family had the chance to attend the Berlin Olympics. Everyone went, except for my mother, who was pregnant with me. In those days, pregnant women did not go out, so mother was pretty much housebound. Had it been winter, she could have worn a large coat, but there was no such camouflage in the summer. So she stayed home, and never really forgave me for it.

woman & baby by tub [640x480]_thumb[4]

Mother (Eva Erika Ilse Katte, nee Lehrmann, at age 21) worked very hard to be the perfect housewife; she even ironed my diapers. In this photo, she is wearing a kittelschuerze – a full apron – to protect her clothing while bathing me. Berlin, 1937

Little girl and baby in aprons [640x480]_thumb[3]

My cousin Sigrid and me, dressed in dirndls and aprons. Berlin, 1938. I was so blond that I had practically no hair showing, and it was a trial for me because I also wanted to have such a wonderful bow in my hair.


globalapron™ stories and pictures are welcome & may be submitted via my website. The direct link is here. I’ll contact you when your story will be posted.

I’m always seeking to connect through the humble icon. I hope you will enjoy this new segment of my apron journey.


P.S. I must note that the globalapron™ logo is the design of graphic artist Mackenzie Miller. She is also responsible for my adorable Tie One On button. I’m such a visual person and Mackenzie deserves this shout out.

Oh! And there is time left to enter to win the Sew-Lovely Giveaway and the $25 amazon certificate courtesy of Kate Kelly. Entry for both giveaways here.

Tie One On…an apron, of course!

Sex and the City2 Giveaway WINNER!

The morning passed by and still I hadn’t connected with a Random Human to choose the lucky winner of the Sex and the City2 Tie One On…Giveaway kaboodle. Fretting a tad, I made ready to head out to the grocery, where surely I’d find my RH.

Just as the door was shutting behind me, the telephone rang, and why I re-entered the house to catch the call, Ill never know. But thrilled I am that I did so, for the caller was Claire Steele of Jessie Steele Fine Hostess Aprons and the designer of Charlotte’s cupcake apron , the impetus to the Sex and the City2 Giveaway!

Within a blink, we were chatting as Southerners tend to do, the time between introduction to familiarity mere seconds. Claire is originally from West Virginia, so she is no stranger to such ease of transition. We marveled that our passion for aprons had yet led our paths to cross…a situation we plan on putting to rest one day very soon.

As sweet as her cupcake design, Claire graciously accepted my request to be the Random Human and choose the lucky winner-of-the-whole-kaboodle: #32 JKW! (Janet, please email me with your contact info)

To everyone who entered, thank you for loving aprons – the humble icon that connects us to women of earlier generations.


Tie One On…an apron, of course!

Winners of Mommyhood in Shades Giveaway!

Door to door, the nearest airport is a forty minute drive. The landscape between our door and the airport is very native, the clearest of skies and a panoramic view of a gorgeous mountain range. Very bucolic, yet there’s a tinge of sadness because curbside arrival means saying good bye.

And so it was today with Gloria, our friend from Kansas City. As PC drove, I surprised her with the request to be the Random Human number picker for the Mommyhood in Shades Giveaway!

As can be seen, Gloria had a fun time showcasing her two choices: Congratulations winner 12, Linda C.

and Sarah, winner 48!! Aprons from Colonial Patterns on their way!
Thank you one and all for entering and sharing such sweet comments.

Do stay connected for another birthday giveaway – mine! Details a’coming.

Tie One On…an apron, of course!

a Mommyhood In Shades Apron Giveaway!

As the eldest girl in a family of six kids, I was expected to help out. My three sisters were like living baby dolls, and with years of playing with them, I’d imagined myself well-prepared to be a mommy.

Turns out playing mommy and being a real-life mommy are a tad different, especially the sleep deprivation part.

Taken thirty-one years ago, this photo foretold of many sleepless nights that were to be.

Happily, Noah and I lived through ’em all, and in celebration of his March 14th birthday, my wonderful supporters at Colonial Patterns/Aunt Martha’s Transfers are providing two aprons for a Tie One On Mommyhood in Shades Giveaway!

Both aprons are sewn of replica vintage toweling and the handy pocket is edged with rich rick

rack (my favorite embellishment) and a button closure.

As always, entry is easy. Just leave a comment – along with your email, please – so I can contact you should you be one of the TWO winners.

Tie One On Mommyhood in Shades Giveaway! ends this Saturday, March 13th, in the late evening. I’ll post the winners Sunday.

Tie One On…an apron, of course!

An Apron-Lover Giveaway!

If I could change one thing today, it would be that the date is June 25, not January 25th. Alas, that wish is not reality, so how else, I mulled, to bring all that is the uplifting spirit and gaiety of summer to a dreary, winter Monday? One phone call later, and do I ever have the answer: a giveaway featuring a pre-release copy of the second edition of apronology magazine!!!
GIVEAWAY ENTRY IS EASY: Just leave a comment, along with your email address (!) – so I can notify the winner. Winning number selected by Random Human Generator.
GIVEAWAY DEADLINE: this Friday, January 29th – so I can mail the winner her copy on Saturday morning.
Due to publish February 1, 2010, apronology “2” was nurtured over the past year to its fullest creative potential by editor Beth Livesay. As with the February 2, 2009 inaugural issue,

apronology “2” is her baby, so we can expect aprons-as-inspiration through the loveliest photography, artist revelations, tutorials, editorial commentary and goodness only knows what else! What I do know is I cannot wait to receive my own copy (which I ordered directly from Stampington, but can be purchased in stores all over).

I’m doubly antsy to see “2” because I have the honor of appearing in the inaugural issue. In Spring of 2008, I responded to a call-out for apron designs to appear in apronology, a newly conceived magazine devoted to the love of my favorite domestic icon. When I received notification from Beth that my design, Domesti-Chic (the entire article + photography is posted on my website. Just scroll down a bit and you’ll see it), had been selected from among hundreds

of apron submissions, I was astonished and very very happy. I loved working with Beth to finalize my creation and artist’s statement.

Stampington publishes a roster of publications, each a sunny-day to the spirit, no matter the season. Do visit the website, do read Beth’s blog, and do enter this giveaway…just one copy, I know, but that winner’s smile will be so bright, we’ll all need sunglasses!
Tie One On…an apron, of course!

National Tie One On Day Extra Giveaway Goodies!

When I posted the photo of the sponsors’ contributions to the Giveaway Goodie Bags, the two aprons from Aunt Martha’s Transfers_Colonial Patterns, Inc. were folded and couldn’t be seen. Sewn from vintage reproduction toweling, both the bib and waist designs have a center pocket, edged with wide rick rack and an old button closure.

Giveaway_Bib Apron (Medium) Giveaway_Waist Apron (Medium)

I think they are winners – as in, we’re all going to want both!

And from FabShopNews_Apronicity, an assortment of books, sewing booklets, fat quarters and so much more!


And then there’s my interview and the giveaway of my books and linens and an apron and who knows what all else at Notquitejunecleaver. A few days left to enter, so hurry hurry! NQJC and I met in person in Dallas this past year – always the BEST when virtual friendships turn real.


Tie One On…an apron, of course!

A Little Something

I’d been saving my cute new botanical print dress to wear to a July 4th party, so when the late afternoon sun disappeared behind treacherous looking dark clouds, and the temperature dropped in ten-degree increments, I nonetheless zipped up, did a twirl, admired myself in the mirror, and promptly forgot to snatch a shawl “just in case.” Following the storm, the clouds blew to the east, and the temperature went south. Atop our hosts’ roof, PC and I posed for a snap. My smile isn’t the only thing frozen.

Blog_July 4_Denver_us (Medium) Overlooking the Denver skyline, I held up 2 toothpicks adorned with little flags, and with fireworks going off in the background, took this picture, which blurred because I was shaking so in the cold night air. But hey, I got to wear that dress!

Blog_July 4_Denver (Medium)

As we rode the elevator down, I asked a fellow passenger to pick a number at random. 313 he said. And that’s how the winner of the first Sunday giveaway was chosen. #313 Apron Memories newsletter subscriber is ginaloya. Congratulations! You’ll be receiving a personalized copy of my exhibit’s catalogue, Apron Chronicles. I’ll be emailing you for shipping details!

AC cover (Medium)

The second Sunday drawing celebrating-features-in-Cooking with Paula Deen-and-Romantic Homes-magazines will be for a set of these: Apron Memories notecards

Blog_Giveaway 2 (Medium)

plus this one – the latest notecard design!

AM_Tie One On notecard (Medium)

To be eligible for the July 12th (and upcoming July/August giveaways), just sign up to receive the Apron Memories newsletter!

Wherever you celebrated America’s birthday, I hope the fireworks didn’t fizzle and you dazzled in a pretty little something,


Tie One On…an apron, of course!

New Owners to Tie One On

Choosing five aprons from my collection to offer as  National Tie One On Day giveaways was not easy. I had to consider which aprons I could send off and never see / admire / or wear again. At the same time, I wanted each giveaway apron to represent a unique design or handiwork. After all, they are presents, and I wanted each winner to delight in its ownership, as I have. Here are the five, with a bit of apron commentary.

Blog_Apron Giveaway 1 (Medium) The Hawaiian applique was sewn with machine zig zag stitching, but the rick rack was applied by hand. The stitches are so precise as to be a marvel. This apron may have been worn by a hostess throwing a luau, a popular Fifties party, with a pineapple speared with toothpicks of fruit kabobs as the centerpiece.

Blog_Apron Giveaway 4 (Medium)

This apron’s pocket is so well aligned as to be almost invisible! To draw your eye to it, that’s my sweet little book, Apronisms, peeking out. The colors of the fabric are between pastel and saturated, from the 30s or 40s I’m guessing, and overall, very feminine in appearance and design.


Handkerchief embellishment was very popular in the Fifties. This apron’s border may have been sewn from one large hankie, which wouldn’t have left any hankie to sew as a pocket. The seams are finished, providing a very neat appearance to apron’s overall construction.

           Blog_Apron Giveaway 3 (Medium)

The sewer was not a beginner! I have many aprons utilizing hankies as pockets and/or the border, and worn over a solid color sheath, they are among my favorites to tie on.  

These aprons represent opposite purposes – as a hostess accessory and as daily wear. The organdy apron is entirely bordered in a narrow, narrow pink bias tape that is machine sewn in tiny even stitches, a testament to the talent (or patience) of the sewer.  

    Blog_Apron Giveaway 2 (Medium)                       The gingham apron is almost entirely sewn by hand. At the waist are a dozen embroidered flat pleats. The same design is repeated on the pocket and border, between two rows of doubled rick rack. The shine you see is the reflection of the camera’s flash off the sparkly thread. For a daily wear apron, this one is haute.

So now it’s bye bye, time to send them off to their new owners…who I hope will provide us with pictures tying one on…an apron, of course!