Lodging in Lubbock is all Hope

I’m still a-glow from Tying One On…an apron, of course! and being a part of the fundraising efforts benefiting Hope Lodge in Lubbock, TX.

Championed by my dear friend Erin Owens to the American Cancer Society of Lubbock as a keynote of a unique ilk, I presented Apron Memories: Remembering the Richness of Our Lives Through a Humble Icon and a Tie One On Fashion show to a sold-out event held at the historic Lubbock Women’s Club.

Following the socializing and lunching, I was introduced to a most welcoming audience. I adore sharing my apron journey and Lubbock was totally on-board and ready to be entertained.

Taking my seat, the fashion show commenced. I’d streamlined the historical apron commentary to allow for our focus on the models – all cancer survivors!!

Hope Lodge Collage text

As each was introduced, her years as a cancer survivor was announced. Imagine! From a darling teenager, who waved and smiled from her wheelchair to women of every order – each was a model of such inspiration.

The grand apron finale was fabulous, as the fifteen models – adorned in Fifties’ entertaining aprons – sashayed and flirted and flounced through the Club, all blowing kisses…and with the motion, kissing cancer good bye.

Hope Lodge in Lubbock is a modern facility that provides a home-like atmosphere, without charge, to those needing cancer treatments. Without a Hope Lodge, many simply could not afford to relocate while getting the care needed.

The American Cancer Society has Hope Lodges all over the country – something I didn’t know – and the Lodges require fundraising to stay in business. As we’re entering the season of traditional giving, the ACS’s Hope Lodges would be grateful for any donation.

I am so proud of Erin and everyone who put on the Tie One On event, which according to Misty Welch of Lubbock’s ACS was a huge success!

ACS_ Lubbock_cropped


Celebrating the gumption of women!