Snowy Sunday

Awakening to snow is a big deal here in the southeastern part of Colorado. After finally locating my red wool chukas, and bundling up as though braving several feet of snow rather than inches, I shoveled a foot path out to the sidewalk to retrieve the paper, but before stooping to pick it up, I noticed the vibrancy of my shoes against the sweet, pure snow, and so took a picture of the view:
Yes, I had my camera with me, because upon seeing the snow falling, the first thought I had was to take my snowman snow globe outside and get a picture of it in the real element:

Normally, this little snow globe sits by my computer. I must shake it several times a day, year round. There’s something about watching the flakes swirl then drift then settle that I find calming.
I just looked out the window, and the snow has stopped. Glad I didn’t tarry! Hopefully, there’s more snow still to come, at least enough to collect for snow ice cream. m-m-m-m-m. Now there’s a treat!
Tie One On…an apron, of course!


  1. Snow is fun and peaceful to me, too, because it is an infrequent even, I suppose. I’ll be experiencing the whole other side of snow when I travel to northern Minnesota in 6 weeks for the opening of my exhibit at Ironworld. Advise on dressing warm is welcome! xxea

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