Sex and the City2 Giveaway WINNER!

The morning passed by and still I hadn’t connected with a Random Human to choose the lucky winner of the Sex and the City2 Tie One On…Giveaway kaboodle. Fretting a tad, I made ready to head out to the grocery, where surely I’d find my RH.

Just as the door was shutting behind me, the telephone rang, and why I re-entered the house to catch the call, Ill never know. But thrilled I am that I did so, for the caller was Claire Steele of Jessie Steele Fine Hostess Aprons and the designer of Charlotte’s cupcake apron , the impetus to the Sex and the City2 Giveaway!

Within a blink, we were chatting as Southerners tend to do, the time between introduction to familiarity mere seconds. Claire is originally from West Virginia, so she is no stranger to such ease of transition. We marveled that our passion for aprons had yet led our paths to cross…a situation we plan on putting to rest one day very soon.

As sweet as her cupcake design, Claire graciously accepted my request to be the Random Human and choose the lucky winner-of-the-whole-kaboodle: #32 JKW! (Janet, please email me with your contact info)

To everyone who entered, thank you for loving aprons – the humble icon that connects us to women of earlier generations.


Tie One On…an apron, of course!


  1. Oh you lucky Girl!
    EllynAnne, when talking to you for the first time was like talking to an old friend and catching up.LOL.
    I think its the Sisterhood of the Apron. The apron binds us to the women of the past, but it’s ties us comfortably together like old friends no matter where in the country we are.

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