Sex and the City 2 Tie One On…Giveaway!

I was such a fan of Sex and the City as a television show. I liked catching up with the girlfriends on a weekly basis because that’s how life really is – a compilation of short and sweet moments more often than ninety minute obsessions. Because we so missed them, the Sex and the City movie was a huge success. I wish SJP had left it at that, but apparently there were just too many loose ends that needed tidying and too many fashion statements yet to be made.

Despite a declaration to my uninterested spouse that I was over all things Sex and the City, fashion is reason enough to see installment 2. And so I found myself clicking on the Sex and the City 2 internet links that popped up over the past month everytime I launched a browser. One such link took me to this photo – of Charlotte tying one on… !

How exciting, for the old fashioned symbol for domesticity to be donned by the movie’s glamorous homemaker! Yet, how disappointing the apron is from Anthropologie and not the design of an independent apron entrepreneur. Oh, what it would have meant to any of us to have Charlotte tie on one of our creations.

And so I decided to showcase my apron-designing friends and their goods with a Sex and the City 2 Tie One On…Giveaway! One very lucky winner will receive a gift package from:

Rebecca Anderson shares her love of quilting and aprons through Rebecca Ruth Designs, where she translates her award-winning quilting talent to the art of felting, soft dolls and animals, and aprons.

IceMilk Aprons is a gourmet line of heirloom aprons, beautifully executed in linen by heirloom designer Ashley Leckey. From packaging to monogramming, Ashley brings a touch of class to aprons.

From her sewing parlour in Aurora, Minnesota, Mary Mulari has been teaching and writing about creative sewing since 1983. With appearances throughout the U.S., as well as guesting on PBS’s “Sewing with Nancy,” Mary is known for her hand-drawn apron patterns, which are reminiscent of folk art and how pattern making used to be done.

Cindy Molitor’s collection of vintage tablecloths and all manner of retro linens are the inspiration to her Retro Revival line of gifts and accessories for personal and home use. The time and attention Cindy spends on each product is reflected in the quality of the finished item.

Two Sisters Traveling Boutique is the creation and passion of sisters Kathy Carter and DeDee Birdsall. Two Sisters offers a wide selection of one-of-a-kind entertaining aprons, vintage key necklaces, altered couture clothing, and much more.

Under the direction of the Price family, Colonial Patterns maintains the integrity of the original Aunt Martha’s vintage transfers, while infusing the company with new textile designs, which include aprons sewn of reproduction dishtoweling. Colonial is included within this entrepreneurial grouping of apron designers because this company is ALWAYS available to donate and support my giveaways, sponsor my National Tie One On Day, sell my books and celebrate any idea I come up with. Chris Price –

And for your apron pocket, a personalized copy of my most adorable publication, APRONISMS

plus, I am putting together a package of yardage from my personal fabric stash, along with “this and that” to assist in the design and embellishment of an apron creation.
Entry is just so easy. Just leave a comment at the end of this blog. This Giveaway ends late evening on Wednesday, May 26th (one day before the movie opens in theatres). One very lucky winner to be announced Thursday morning.
Please share this Giveaway via your networks, and in doing so, you’re supporting handsewn and the independent apron entrepreneur.
Tie One On…an apron, of course!


  1. I agree, it’s sad that an indie apron maker didn’t get in on this. BUT you gotta love ’em for putting her in an apron at all! 🙂 Would love to win this giveaway…it’s a doozie!

  2. What a fabulous give-away. I love Mary Mulari’s apron patterns. . .makes the household chores seem so much more fun when I am wearing her Chatterbox design. Please enter me!

  3. Wow!I would love the chance to win such a wonderful giveaway!! I would have been very fun to see a handmade apron in the movie…but I still can’t wait for it to come out!! hehehe!

  4. Love SATC and LOVE that retro revival apron. It is just fabulous!!! I could totally see Carrie wearing this as an outfit and me wearing it in my kitchen!

  5. OH my goodness – they are all so lovely. Who’d have thought after all these years Aprons would be a hot item! (no pun intended) I don’t cook/bake as much as I would like, but I have my apron hanging in my kitchen for all to see just because its too cute to put away.

  6. How fun, I was just thinking about purchasing an apron for me and my mom, divine intervention perhaps… LOL “Two Sisters Traveling Boutique”!!!! Please enter me in.

  7. Oh My! Lots of very talented women! I love it…please consider me in on all these beautiful prizes. I’m happy to support and promote any of these women.

  8. I love your newsletters. On Mother’s Day, I posted a picture of both my mother and my grandmother in their aprons in honor of their memories. You have been my inspiration for making aprons. Winning would be too cool. Thank you. Blessings, Janet

  9. Okay…I am an apron addict for sure…Susan over at Not Quite June Cleaver started me on this road to apron frenzy!!!

    Please enter me for this Give Away… and by the way…love your aprons and your site!

    Keep going sister apron Queen!


  10. What a treasure trove you have gathered for the winner. It is a small world, I just received my order of Rebecca Ruth’s patterns: her Ruth apron and an apron quilt pattern.
    Mary Ellen

  11. I remember the aprons my mother used to make for herself and how grownup I felt when I tied one on while learning to cook by her side. And now, raising my granddaughter and teaching her to cook, the tradition continues.

  12. What a treasure trove – and fun to share if I win! I just took possession of my new home, and the first thing I took and hung up were vintage potholders and aprons – they just make a place feel like home!
    lois48 at

  13. I am a Personal Historian in Perth, Australia and both blog and speak to groups as my alto-ego, Aunt Ruby Remembers….. I have a collection of vintage aprons from the 1920’s onwards which I wear when I am interviewed on TV or even radio, or speak to groups ‘in as Aunt Ruby.
    The aprons gain many comments and memories of days gone by and I love the fact that you are bringing aprons back as both a functional and fashionable garment.

    I’d love to start the ‘apronista’ trend in Australia by winning your contest.
    Annie Payne

  14. I’d love to win this gift package! I’ve loved aprons since I was a little girl. I felt so grown-up to wear my own child-sized apron and help in the kitchen! I’ve made child-sized aprons for all 6 of my grandkids-girls AND boys!

  15. Aprons are wonderful. I use one in particular a lot and it looks like it! Too bad that the one on SATC wasn’t “real.” Enter me also. My favorite apron could use some new friends!


  16. You have such wonderful patterns, aprons, and anecdotes! I love aprons and can’t wait to forward this newsletter to my daughter who loved Sex and the City, too. I’ve often wondered why they don’t show more tv scenes with aprons in the kitchen. Also, cooking shows… are they dumb to leave off an apron or is it just dumb luck they don’t splash food on their clothes?


  18. Loving the comeback of the apron – your newsletter & pictures are fabulous! My sister & I have our own Two Sisters Aprons, Etc. business…

    Please enter me in the contest 🙂

  19. I love your aprons and all the information. I am trying to make an apron “come-back” here where I work. I make aprons and sell them, I all so give some away. Today I am giving matching aprons to a little four year old girl and her Bear. (I hope I win–that would be great) thanks and remember,it’s Just Sew-Sew.

  20. Thank you for keeping this small bit of Americana alive. Long live the aprons! Would love to tie one on with this beautiful prize! Please enter me into your drawing!

  21. Ellen – Add me to the list too, please. Welcome back to New Mexico – I so enjoyed meeting you at the sewing conference in Albuquerque last year. thks.

  22. Wow what a great giveaway! Good Luck to All! I love aprons, I think when you put one on you change your mindset. I always want to be a better cook, a better housewife, when I put on my apron I try to live up to it.

  23. Isn’t it amazing how we pick up on stuff like that (seeing people wear aprons on TV shows). Pretty neat! All my family and friends are receiving aprons for gifts now…soo many cute (and practical) ones out there!

  24. Love, love love SITC and Aprons so this is right up my alley. What a clever idea. I wish more people were hip to aprons so there’d be more shops and more selections. I gotta say, though, your giveaway basket would be thrilling to win.
    Pick Me,
    Lone Star Lassie

  25. Love Sex in the City, but most of all love aprons, sad that they didn’t put Charlotte in one of our designs. I have been making aprons for a few years, but was just introduced to your books a couple of years ago by my beautiful sis.
    Loved the books. Judy Sanders, TX

  26. Oh me-o my-o…so many wonderfully talented apronistas….
    yep, toss my bonnet into the ring…
    Sending you tons of good luck wishes that your concept about the over worked & under appreciated pot holder will become an article,,,after all they were & still are one of the ‘work horses’ in the kitchen.

  27. I would LOVE to win this giveaway! 🙂 What a WONDERFUL idea! I am a huge fan of the aprons & SATC!! Winning this package and tying one on is about as close as I’ll ever reasonably get to partaking SATC fashion! And if I win, I promise to give Natalie a screeching phone call (telling her I won). 😉 Congrats on your anniversary!! Just fabulous!

  28. What a wonderful giveaway…My sister in law and I just loved your talk, your aprons, your enthusiasm while you were in Farmington….We had such a good time…what inspiration….

  29. I loved seeing part of your collection and hearing your stories at the Farmington Public Library. Thanks for sharing with us. I would love to win your contest.

  30. My friends and I have purchased our tickets for opening night of the new Sex and the City movie. We’ll be there for the midnight showing with our heels on and looking fabulous!! I agree that it is disappointing that Charlotte was wearing a chain store apron. It would have been entirely apropo for a character so classically stylish to have a few really beautiful vintage aprons to tie on. That is the Charlotte that I know. Can’t wait to see the new movie!!! Thanks for the opportunity, I hope I am the winner but if not congrats to the lucky one who does win!

  31. I love aprons and wear them in my job as a preschool teacher. I plan to make one for each theme however that is just a dream….Please enter me in the contest!

  32. EllynAnne, it was fantastic meeting you in Farmington. I enjoyed your presentation so much, and I’m looking forward to your newsletters and books. If you go on Oprah, I want to be there. That would be a fantastic show. I would love to be entered in your giveaway. Can’t wait to see you again.

  33. oooooh, yes please!! I’d love to see an apron sisterhood here in Australia. If I won your awesome apron giveaway, I’d definately share the joy with my girlfriends…. and, if I didn’t, I could always do a ‘Samantha’, and have an ‘I-didn’t-win-anything’ shower! cheers

  34. Would totally love to win this! I love aprons (you should see my collection) I love collecting aprons, pot holders, canning jars, old cameras, dishes, anything red 😀 Hubby thinks I am weird but my house is finally coming together with some shelving I found at a yard sale 😀

    Jo Lynn

  35. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, aprons. Love to wear them, love to design them, love to make them, shop for them, see others wear them, here, there, everywhere. Thanks for all the wonderful resources. I’d be so excited to win this, the Apronisms are awesome… such a connection to the past… just love it. Thanks for the opportunity.


  36. I’ve loved aprons since I inhereted my great grandmother’s collection when she passed away. I was 20, and thrilled that nobody else in my family had any interest in her colorful montage of domestic fashion. I’ve been a collector ever since and would love to enter the giveaway.

  37. How fun, I am so in love with aprons, It would be so cool to win! Thanks for the contest, I’m wishing me luck, LOL! I have a bunch of my grammas aprons and I’m afraid to actually wear them when working—I would hate to stain them or something–plus most of them look to be more hostess aprons rather than for housework. I’d love to make new, cute ones for housework! 😉

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