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Nov/Dec 2023 Issue - Saturday Evening Post - Aprons: The Ties That Bind

" The humble apron — created from a piece of cotton, muslin, a printed flour sack, or scraps of calico left over from making a quilt — can hold so many memories... "

May 2021 CPR interview with Ryan Warner
Vintage Colorado

Rocky Mountain PBS & VINTAGE COLORADO interview with EllynAnne and her love of aprons:

Gratitude, Banner Raising and EllynAnne

Country Woman Magazine Features TOODay:

CBS Sunday Morning

A segment about EllynAnne and her apron journey. Filming and interviews by Joie Chen were conducted at the Apron Chronicle’s exhibit opening in Greensboro, NC and at The Apron Book’s press party in New York, NY. Interviewees include Ellen Levine, author of the book’s Foreword and hostess of the NY party, and contributors to the exhibit, Erin McDaniels Owens and Cristie Coffman.

The Huffington Post: Gift of Kindness at Thanksgiving

Nine years ago, as I was preparing for my family’s traditional turkey dinner, I suddenly thought about a neighbor. Her family had recently experienced a tragedy, and their Thanksgiving was not going to be about pumpkin pies. Spur of the moment, I wrapped a loaf of bread in an apron and slipped a handwritten card in the pocket…

Sew It All / Awesome Aprons

EllynAnne Geisel shows how to make an apron using vintage linens, featuring a ruffled border.

The Huffington Post: Victory Apron Celebrates the USO

As the icon of America’s mothers, the apron symbolized the comfort and security of the home, with the red, white and blue Victory Apron a reminder of motherhood and the American home as patriotic symbols worth fighting for.


​EllynAnne chats with apronology editor Beth Livesay

Plenty of people need extra TLC to get through the long holiday season. People grieving, folks who are ailing or simply friends who might be a little blue. Some of those people could be your neighbors. That’s why EllynAnne Geisel created Tie One On Day (… An Apron of Course!) to encourage people to show a little kindness to others the day before Thanksgiving.

Creative Mojo With Mark Lipinski

 EllynAnne interviewed on the Creative Mojo radio show

Inspired To Sew Issue 11: Interview With EllynAnne about Tie One On Day (From pg 7 onwards)
The Kitchen Linens Book

​The Kitchen Linens Book invites women of all ages to visit with the past. EllynAnne Geisel gives us an up-close look at tablecloths, dishtowels, and napkins with details and histories as fine as the stories themselves. Embroidered or hemstitched, linens or oilcloths—these are the fabrics and the memories of our mothers and grandmothers. And each one has an endearing story and a vivid history.

The Denver Post – Colorado Table: EllynAnne says we should all Tie One On

Women tossed them (the aprons) — even those lovingly sewn by their own mothers and grandmothers — straight into the giveaway bag..

..I think we just got tired of looking alike. There’s nothing wrong with shopping out of a catalog, but what was lost is our understanding that our clothing and our homes are arenas where we can express creativity.

The Apron Lady Speaks!

EllynAnne was a keynote speaker at the 2007 American Sewing Guide National Conference. Material Mama, who does podcasts about sewing attended the conference and recorded a couple of clips of EllynAnne speaking which you can view below:

EllynAnne Geisel may be the nation’s foremost authority on aprons — and the strings that bind us to the women who nourished us.

She speaks poetically and lovingly of the apron, a simple article of clothing that has turned into a career of speaking engagements and press interviews...

Article in Country Living magazine December/January 2012 issue:
“Show Towel Showdown – EllynAnne shares insight and toweling from her vintage show towel collection.”
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Aprons:Out of the Kitchen, On the Road
Live Radio Interview:

EllynAnne was interviewed on “Mouthful,” The Wine Country’s Most Delicious Hour with Michele Anna Jordan, Host & Producer.
Listen to a podcast of the show:
Mouthful – The Wine Country’s Most Delicious Hour
Country Woman Magazine:
AARP Magazine:
Cooking with Paula Deen – EllynAnne Woman of Note
EllynAnne on ABC-TV/San Francisco View From The Bay
Chicken Soup For The Soul

EllynAnne’s essay, “I Never Saw My Mother Do a Sit-up” was selected as a Chicken Soup for the Soul favorite. Originally published in Chicken Soup to Inspire a Woman’s Soul, 2004, it is included in the newly released Chicken Soup for the Soul: Like Mother Like Daughter. This year marks the 15th anniversary of Chicken Soup for the Soul, which is highlighting some of its very best stories.