National Tie One On Day – a win-win!

National Tie One On Day Six Goodie Bag Giveaways!

To enter, just leave a comment – I’d so love to know how you will be participating in National Tie One On Day, what you’ll be making, baking or sewing, the beneficiary of your act of kindness, how you’re putting the give back into Thanksgiving…that sort of thing!

The six Goodie Bag winners will be selected by my lovely sister Carol, who I’ll be ring-a-ling-ing early Thanksgiving morning. She will choose six numbers, which I’ll match up to the same-numbered comments.
Thank you, thank you for participating in National Tie One On Day, for spreading the word and posting the National Tie One On Day logo on your site. The more who give, the more who will receive.
Tie One On…an apron, of course!


  1. What a fantastic giveaway!! I love this idea, as well as your National Tie One On Day. And the timing is wonderful because I’ve been baking bread the last week, refining my recipes. I’m ready to go! Hugs, Cathy

  2. What a fun idea!!! Is the logo the same one on the top right of your site? If so, I already have that on my blog…I’m planning to spread some (new) vintage apron love by actually sewing (gasp!) some up for friends this holiday season–I’m kind of excited about it! Thanks for another chance to win!

  3. Great Stuff. I’ve been wearing an apron since a small girl. I now have my Grandmother’s and Mother’s patterns from the 40’s and 50’s. When I make a new apron from the old patterns, it brings back such warm memories of my Grandmother and Mother’s earlier years. Thanks for the give-away and I can’t believe I’m the 3rd one to comment.

  4. I will be baking bread for our church. They will be having a dinner for one’s with no where to go on Christmas. I am also crocheting hats for preemies and cancer children for our local hospital. And then making aprons for gifts for the women in my family. It will be a long time to get it done but better start now. 😀

    Jo Lynn

  5. In the coming weeks I will be making 10 aprons to add to our annual fall quilt fundraiser. Our mid – younger generation women adore wearing aprons in the church kitchen (and we have traveled as a group to see the Apron Chronicles!) Not everyone needs a quilt, but lots of us need another fabulous apron!

  6. i did this last year and had great fun with it. I took bread over to one of the retirement villages wearing my grandmother’s apron and couldn’t believe what a conversation starter it was.
    I think it’s a wonderful give-away, but an even better idea.
    Count me in! 🙂

  7. I’ll be creating some pinkeeps and wreaths and embellished guest towels to give.Always like to bring a bit of “handmade from the heart” into the Holiday season.
    Oh by the way..I saw the mention of you in the latest “Country Living” magazine.:0) way to go!

  8. What a great giveaway! I will be celebrating Tie One on Day by giving everyone in my family an apron to wear while they help me clean my new apartment this week. Somehow wearing an apron makes not so fun tasks more fun!

  9. I love this idea! Not sure yet what I’m going to do … I’ve got a couple people in mind, though. A friend who is always giving her time and resources to others, without ever expecting anything in return. A neighbor who I want to get to know better. A sister who is going through some hard times right now. Hmmm … maybe I’ll see if I can find time to make all 3 an apron and some goodies! Thanks!

  10. I love your Tie One On giving promo!!! Our church is affiliated with a muti-dominational food bank and a food pantry run by the Nuns of Charity. I’m going to send a vintage apron in a bag of Thanksgiving food stuffs with a note explaining the Tie One On idea. I’m hoping to mention it to several ladies in the church also. Hopefully there will be several families enjoying the holiday and have a little gift for the lady of the house to remember she isn’t alone. We’re all tied together by apron strings!

  11. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway! This is the time of year that I start making aprons for Christmas presents. I think this year I will concentrate on making aprons from vintage style fabrics and take them to nursing homes. Hopefully, they will bring happy memories back to people. I love opening my Facebook page seeing your comments. Let’s Tie One On…Marsha

  12. Well, hopefully I;ll have my new apron sewn for the Thanksgiving holiday. Then its on to baking and sharing the kitchen with my daughters ages 12 and 14. They love to help out and cook and bake too. Passing on the lessons of the kitchen are my way of ‘giving’ to my daughters and most likely their friends that are always present.

  13. What super prize packages!! Thanks for the chance to win.

    I am baking more now that the weather has cooled (yay!) So I’ll be baking something or another on and around National Tie One Day. I plan to blog about the big Day too.

  14. Wow, it is jam packed isn’t it? I read your Kitchen Linens Book before I left for Indiana and while there attended a Fall Antique Fair in LaPorte, Indiana. Oh my, I saw at least one of EVERTHING you featured in your book. I was so educated I could tell what type of towel I was looking at. Brought home a 1875quilt and a Singer 99 sewing machine. Our local quilt shop is holding a Tie On One Day and we will make two aprons; one for us and one to give away! Love you EAG! Hugs, Allison

  15. Hi EA!!

    Great contest! I will be participating with a bag of thanksgiving food stuff’s for a needy family. We can donate through our local grocery store.

    I will blog about your National Tie One On Day as well.

    Best wishes!!!!

  16. What a great idea ! I have a few of my grandmother’s aprons and wear them on the rare occassions that I bake, lol. I do plan on doing some baking this year for the holidays for family and our church.

  17. I love to bake!! I let my teenagers have their friends over as much as they like so I bake LOTS of things for these hungry people that hang out in my kitchen – and my younger kids are my assistants, :0) A couple of those kids come from troubled homes so I have ended up being a bit of surrogate Mom to them. I think it’s good for them to see a person in an apron giving them an idea what a normal home is like – someome who loves them cooking good nutritious foods at regular meal times for them!!!

  18. Such an awesome giveaway!!! I’m planning to make aprons for my friends for Christmas this year- vintage of course. As far as cooking, since its just me, I will come up with something to take to wherever I am invited.

  19. I teach a computer skills class at LifeSteps (an organization dedicated to assisting men and women in breaking the cycle of poverty by helping them gain skills for life and employment.)I have 5 ladies in my class this year and have made aprons for each of them.
    Love the giveaway and will blog about Tie One On Day.

  20. Some of us have put our domestic selves aside- Reminder: Caring for family and friends is never passe’. “Tying One On” reminds us of times gone by, when we cared just a lil’ bit more. Sparking that memory is a joy. Making and giving aprons to friends, friends of friends, and family is how I make magic happen. Because I love it, but also because I want to help remind. Get a lil’ dirty while serving others is simply, good. Tie one on and magic might happen!

  21. There is no doubt that I will “Tie One On”. I do every day and I love it. I also love your blog and all the helpful post that you have. I can’t wait to come back and visit again and again!
    I don’t come from a long line of apron wearers, but then again, maybe it was just my mom that didn’t wear an apron. I sure do remember both of my grandmothers wearing aprons. Every time I tie my apron strings it is like a hug from my grandmothers.
    I am passing it on to my 3 boys too. They all 3 wear their aprons when it is their day to cook.

  22. Oh what a wonderful thing you are doing,,,(this giveaway)….I just finished up 3 aprons of my own design, made from re-purposed mens shirts….infact I just gave my most recent won to a young lady who is just starting to learn to sew….
    This season I plan to secretly drop off baked goodies for 3 of my elderly neighbors.
    I have been collecting lots of wonderful vintage towels to which I will wrap the baked goods in.
    I think I will wear my Burlap Apron while I deliver the goodies.
    Thanx again for hosting this delightful blog-away.

  23. Wow, love reading everyone else’s thoughts! In addition to wearing my apron (always!), I hope to be helping Mom with the turkey and other trimmings, in addition to making the bourbon gravy, at least provided we can get out to visit family this year (they live five hours away, and that makes it tough with work). If we can’t do that, perhaps I’ll whip up some peanut butter cheesecakes or pie for our neighbors to share with their own families at their Thanksgiving dinners.

  24. As I tie my apron on, I feel the hearts of others who also wear this badge of readiness to cook, clean, comfort children, handle garden produce, tend animals, wash clothes and do what needs to be done. Thanks for this opportunity. It’s about time aprons are recognized. Bonnie

  25. What a wonderful giveaway! On this day I will be attempting (again!) to recreate my grandmothers tasty pumpkin pie! I will be wearing an apron that I made from my other grandmothers vintage patterns. I love my family and I am so excited for this day!

  26. This giveaway sounds fabulous.
    To give back, I am making Amish Friendship bread for some of my friends for their Thanksgiving dinner. The cinnamon bread is a sure crowd-pleaser! I’ve also got a few college-team themed aprons in the works for Christmas presents.
    Happy Sewing!

  27. Great giveaway! I always “tie one on”, I’ll be helping my Mom prep for Thanksgiving dinner, it’s a yearly thing. And plan on baking for friends and family in the coming weeks. Love the idea!

  28. What a great giveaway! Thank you for the chance. I just took my apron off from making some pumpkin bread~ the house smells wonderful! We will give to the local food bank and I also plan on sending a care pkg to some always-hungry college students. 🙂 I’m doing some holiday sewing also.

  29. Love this. Last year I did this and gave a nice homemade bread to a neighbor. Will do it thisa time again. Will give it to another sweer elderly lady. She lost her husband, her children (grown and married) are ill or not up to doing too much for her. So often she calls me and asks help with computer things, or just for a chat. So this year my special loaf will go to her 🙂

    And I will wear one of my many aprons while doing so, lol.

  30. We will be traveling but hope to spend Thanksgiving with family. I have started making aprons for hostess gifts, but I want to start finding some old patterns and spice them up with embroidery.

  31. Thanks for the fabulous giveaway!

    I have been wearing my vintage aprons more and more these days. When the weather turns cool I start baking! I may need to make some larger aprons 😉

  32. Amazing giveaway. I am enjoying the book ‘The Kitchen Linens Book’ – I’d love my copy autographed at some point (are you out and about in So. FL?). I have pictures of my grandmothers, mother and I with aprons on that I will put together as a wall-hanging to give to my daughters and grands for Thanksgiving. Blessings, Janet

  33. This year I will be giving an apron to my soon to be “future daughter-in-law”. If time allows, I will also be giving one to my daughter and granddaughter. Sorry I don’t have a blog on which to put your logo. Thanks for the opportunity to win the giveaway!

  34. Growing up watching mama and grandmamas wear aprons I guess that is where I got my love of aprons. They always had an apron on and always had a kleenex in the pocket. My daughter has one of her grandmamas aprons and it is so worn that the tie is raggy but she loves it….Hanging aprons in your kitchen adds the love of home…

  35. What a wonderful idea! Every time I put on an apron, it’s like I’m getting a hug from my grandmother. Nanny always wore aprons. I can hardly remember her without one. They dried my tears, wiped jelly off my face, and were covered in flour when she baked homemade biscuits every morning before sunrise so that Papa could have a “good breakfast” before he went to work on the farm. Several years before Nanny died, I made her a new apron because the fabric was pretty and I thought she’d like it. It officially became her “good” apron and she wore it on holidays and such when we were visiting. Nanny has been gone for several years now (ok, i feel the tears welling up), but when I go home for Thanksgiving I always wear that apron while Mama and I are getting things ready for the family meal. Our meal is not fancy, but we try to make some of everyone’s favorite dishes. Nanny always made sure we had plenty of good stuff to eat. So I’ll be making ham,pecan pie, sweet potato pie, dressing, fried okra, mashed potatoes, potato salad (just like the one she made the year we got through eating and realized it was sitting on top of the fridge uneaten), peas, red grape salad, cheesy apples and biscuits and cornbread. My aunt will be bringing the other things. We put on quite a spread. Every time we eat it, I imagine that we’re all back in that dog-trot house on the plantation with Nanny and Papa, laughing, eating, and just loving each other. Blessings to all the apron wearers who will be wrapped in a loved one’s embrace again when they don that humble garment.

  36. This is so cool. I never saw my grandmother without an apron on. I still have a couple of hers and some of her old patterns. I am making a golf themed barbeque apron for my son for Christmas. I just love vintage kitchen linens.

  37. I have a few of my mom’s aprons. She wore old ones around the house while she cleaned but always put a pretty one on before my dad came home.


  38. Thank you for the opportunity to enter your giveaway!

    I remember way back in Home Ec. class that we were always made to wear an apron. Now I am seeing them all over the place. I have two holiday ones that I made, and I am going to dig them out to get ready for cooking during this holiday season. Thanks again.

  39. What a great idea….One of my first sewing projects was an apron that slid onto a plastic ring. I would need a much bigger ring now. I have made several aprons for friends and family. This is a fun give-away. thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  40. What fun, my sister and i have moms old aprons and my grandfathers bakers apron when he was in the army,soo we tie one on to bake and cook and also celebrate my bday to boot. we make family bread and roll recipes cookies and share with the neighbors whose kids are out of town.
    Its the best time for me i love it and thank you for your lovely give away hope we win

  41. This is simply terrific and I love the Tie One On day too. My sister-in-law is coming up and gonna try to convince her to make one too. I am just finishing one for my four year old grandaughter. I had one when I was her age….still have it. Hope she likes hers and will want to use it. Thanks for what sounds like a marvelous giveaway opportunity.

  42. I forgot to say what I’d be cooking or baking. I’ve begun to bake my own bread several months ago, and I think my Pastor’s wife would appreciate an apron and loaf of bread. I always make treats to share with family and friends over the holidays. Homemade apple pies, gingerbread bars with lots of whipped cream (yum) and my famous mounds bars eveybody loves.

  43. what an awesome brainstorm you had! just lost a very dear friend last week at the young age of 84. was going through some of her things and unearthed some wonderful vintage aprons that her mother made some 75 years ago. brought them home to enjoy and remember all our glorious years together. will be thrilled to lend a helping hand for tie one on day. here’s to wonderful memories held together by apron strings. thanks, robin

  44. Oh, good idea! I’d been having a mini pity party because Thanksgiving this year is family scattered across the country with just my teen son and I at home. It is temporary but still feels empty. We’ve been looking for ways to fill the void.

  45. I will celebrate by sending a vintage apron to my girlfriends. I have been collecting aprons for years and am so glad to find others that appreciate them too. I can remember my Grandma’s apron drawer in her kitchen, that is probably where I first fell in love with aprons. What a fun give away!

  46. Hi Ellyn, I’m a lifelong vintage linen lover, including aprons, and have your books, and now, your wonderful website. I am spreading the word about Tie One On Day by posting info on the website I manage for an antique shop, as well as posting notices at the store. I will also be sharing with donations of food to our Central Virginia Foodbank to assist families in need of help. Bless you for all your wonderful work; you have much to be proud of!
    Kathy C.

  47. Absolutely LOVE your site. I’m an apron-joy sharer. My sweetheart’s daughters have been getting a kick out of our family meals, now that we all cook/bake together. To add to the fun, I gifted each of them with an apron from my collection, and we have some great shots of the three of us posin’ in the kitchen. What fun. I look forward to reading more of your site, and hearing from you my email. Apron-on, ladies and gentlemen! / Ann

  48. EllenAnne, I love your site and have shared it with many friends, who are hooked also. Our little dinner group has decided to give each other aprons (homemade of course) this Christmas. Some are not sewers, so we will see how it all comes out. Best wishes and thanks for all the great give aways.

  49. Wow, today is the first day I heard about this, very excited!
    I think I’m going to pick a few people, for each member in my immediate family. I’ve had these disposable loaf pans I’ve always wanted to use. Not sure what recipe I’ll use yet.
    My son has a friend who is in a large family that have been in hard times for their 3rd year now. We’ve included my son in blessing his friend’s family every time we can give something to them.
    I have 2 other people in mind, just need to think of someone else that I will have my husband be responsible to give to (but not bake!).

  50. My mom and i love this idea. We are obsessed with aprons! I participate in a golf program for girls. The ladies group funds everything and spend an hour every weekend with us to give us the opportunity to enjoy the course. Last year we made cookies and went Christmas caroling as our thank you. This year I will make an apron for each lady. Since i am not sure if I will be able to see everyone on the 25th, i am going to assemble cookie mixes and put them into bags that match the apron. Thanks for the idea.

  51. Vintage aprons are really the thing lately. I have been making them and will be on that day. I am making them for church festival, friends, and family members for Christmas. I have been enjoying making them and remembering aunts who wore them all day every day of the week. Thanks for the great give-away.

  52. I love this idea. I am in my late 20’s & have really got going on my sewing recently. It is nice to find so many people that enjoy this greatly and the aprons. This will be my first “Tie One On” day. I plan on trying to get some of the MOPS moms I work with to Join in on in this day too. (Mothers of Preschoolers)
    I have recently came across a young mother of two & one on the way who is going threw a pretty bad time so i amd going to give her the apron and some baked goods, I will have my son put in some of his toys for the kiddo’s too. They all need a uplifting durning this time.. Thank you for the insperation & to all the sponsers who put this on..
    Oh and I LOVE your Blog!! You have a New fan.

  53. I love to collect and wear aprons. I also love to make them as well. Having been involved in a prayer shawl ministry, this seems like something that is right up my alley. I enjoy baking and will most definately participate in this worthwhile project. This is such a wonderful cause!
    Thanks and May God Bless!

  54. I have always loved aprons and I started making them last year for gifts…along with a cook book. I now make them for craft shows and for special gifts. Your book brought back many memories of my Mom and Grandmother when they were in the kitchen. My Grandmother used an apron to hold the chicken feed as she walked in the coop to feed them. All of my grandchildren now have aprons and we have created memories of our own as we spend time in the kitchen. We will all be wearing our aprons on November 25.
    Thanks for stirring up the love!

    Norma in Texas

  55. What a neat idea! I remember making an apron in 7th grade home ec. We will be celebrating birthday’s soon, which means I’ll be having fun sewing alot of gifts. Thank you for a nice reminder to be creative and a chance to win fun goodies!

  56. I have a friend whose home burned completely to the ground recently. When I asked her what she really needed, she asked for an apron. I just dropped one off to her. 🙂 For myself, I’ve got tons of aprons from which to choose, the most recent of which can be seen on my blog. Thanks for such a great giveaway, and such a great event!

  57. EllynAnne,
    Last year I made 2 aprons
    & pumpkin bread for Thanksgiving food baskets. THIS year I’m sewing
    6 aprons & baking pumpkin bread. In fact, I’m going to do my baking this weekend and stitch while they’re in the oven. What a WONDERFUL idea you have!I hope it continues for years to come!!

    I posted your logo on the sidebar of my blog and yesterday blogged about “Tie One On” Day. I also posted a free tutorial link for the “Apron In A Hour”. Hoping readers would see just how easy it is to make an apron.

    I have and LOVE all 3 of your books!

    Quilty Hugs,Karen

  58. I love your newsletter! I’m working on aprons for swaps right now, and angeling a package hopefully soon! I’ll be cooking up a storm and plan to have friends over to help, and we will all wear vintage aprons and feel a connection to out past and the women that wore them before us,

  59. I found your web site through an article in my local paper (from 2006!) that I located in my desk at work. I passed the web site along to my coworkers (I work at a small, local history museum), and my boss emailed back that she is going to include information on National Tie One On Day in our next email to our members, and to let them know we have aprons for sale in our shop.
    I have long been an apron lover, and I think this is a wonderful idea, and I hope to utilize my bread machine to make a loaf or two to share with neighbors. Thank you so much!

  60. I’m in the process of making aprons as Christmas gifts. Responses from my family, as I’m making them, have ranged from “mmmm, OK, Mom” to “Oh, can I have one?!” I have 2 of my mom’s apron patterns from the late 40’s – early 50’s & am having a blast making them! Love the idea of “Tie one one”!

  61. Tie one on day is such a great idea. I love aprons and have managed to collect several. The thought of putting on an apron and delivering a gift sounds like fun. I can’t wait to put something together for that day.

  62. I am REALLY REALLY new to sewing; the day after Thanksgiving all of the ladies in our family get together to make tamales, so this year I am making aprons for all of us:) Yes, it is a tall order but I think, I know I can do it:)

  63. This is the first NTOOD I am participating in. I will be making an apron for my step-mother-in-law who will be here for Thanksgiving. She suffers from vascular dementia and will probably not remember that I made the apron especially for her, or that we worked in the kitchen together making cranberry relish, but she will remember the warmth of family and that she is cared for.

  64. What a wonderful idea! I’ve posted the logo on my blog. I have been making and wearing aprons since my daughter was a toddler. She and I use to wear matching aprons that I made. I am carrying on the tradition and made my granddaughter her 1st apron. We will be wearing our aprons on Thanksgiving! Thanks for your wonderful site and book. Dee Dee

  65. I’ll be making pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, and then my kids and I will be making cookies for Christmas to share with our church and school.

    I’m also gearing up to help my mom finish up a quilt for a longtime friend of mine who is having her first baby in just about a month from now. I recently started learning how to machine sew, after not touching a machine for the past 19 years!

    It’s going to be a GREAT holiday season.

  66. I love wearing aprons because when you put on your apron, you instantly have the authority of the house. Answer the door in an apron and the visitor will immediately know you’re the lady of the house. At parties, you’re instantly the hostess. Even just home alone cleaning, wearing my apron instantly makes boring chores more fun. Aprons are magic!

  67. This is such a great idea! I have been collecting aprons for a couple of years now and also sewing aprons for many years for gifts. I am planning to have Thanksgiving at my home but it may go on all day because several of my family members work different hours (police depts.) so I just have food ready for when they can get time off! We still have a nice time together, sitting by the fireplace with a cozy quilt and enjoying just being with family and good friends. I will be making the usual Thanksgiving meal along with homemade jams, breads, and several cakes. It will be nice for all! Thank you for doing this!

  68. This is great! I have been following along on here for a while now and am excited for this wonderful giveaway! Thanks for a wonderful blog and I am looking forward to seeing what’s in store for the holiday season. This is a great start!

  69. Hi,love your site…my Grandma never went a day without tying on a fresh apron….I wear them myself from time to time and want to try my hand at sewing some for myself and my girls…I am not that creative but,I try…..thanks for the give away…it’s wonderful…..

  70. Thank you for such a neat contest, I hope I win, LOL! I’ve got the logo on my site. I will be spending the day baking cookies, pies, zucchini appetizers and bread for stuffing. I am also making aprons for the women in my family–I’m going to give my brother and SIL one for Thanksgiving since they are hosting this year! Oh, my mother found my grandmothers aprons this past week and she’s giving them to me tomorrow! I’m SO excited!!

    Blessings to you!


  71. What a wonderful giveaway. I love aprons. Recently I was given several aprons made by my grandmother. They are made from scraps of leftover cloth from her dressmaking and edged with hand crocheting.

    Susan D., Dallas

  72. After losing our car this year and almost losing our house (thank God that part is all worked out)…we donated a Thanksgiving dinner to a needy family. I decided not to let these things that happened this year get to me, so I’ve taken charge and started my own apron business and I can’t believe how excited I am, especially because my family is so encouraging and helpful. I hope my aprons will make women feel just a little extra bit of the special ladies they are when they are wearing them.

  73. I have enough vintage and handmade aprons for all 16 women and girls at our Thanksgiving dinner to wear one. I can’t wait!

    delandlilsmom at yahoo dot com

  74. The most useful reason for wearing an apron is to keep messes from our clothes. The kind of messes I often wear an apron for these days is painting and making Altered Art. I have a collection of seasonal Cooking aprons and will be using my Autumn apron when I make the Thanksgiving pies my daughter-in-law asked my to bring next week. I would love to share this great prize with her. Thanks, julieB

  75. How fun! I’ll be purchasing that kitchen linens book should the giveaway slip through my fingers!! 🙂 I have never heard of “Tie one on” day before, but it falls during the time I start making holiday gifts. This year, I’m making an apron for an aspiring niece who has dreams of becoming a chef. I’ve just started getting to know her, and I must say….she rocks! I also have other family members who enjoy the baking side of life…they’ll be needing an apron as well. (now, to find time for myself…that will prove to be difficult!)

  76. What a wonderful way to encourage others to use aprons by hosting a National day set aside to “Tie One On.” I’ve always loved and used aprons. My grandmother who was born in 1900 made aprons out of flour sacks and I still have several. She was the owner and head cook at a small cafe in Oklahoma City where she wore cute aprons over her crisp white uniform every day. I still have many of those also. My favorite apron is one I received as a wedding gift 29 years ago, hand-made by a friend. It’s my every day go-to apron and this is the one I’ll be wearing on NTOOD. Thanks for encouraging the use of aprons. Dana

  77. I am loving the idea of “Tie One On” and have the perfect person in mind for it. She just cancelled her Thanksgiving trip because her DIL needs her right now. They have both lost loved ones to suicide and are having a difficult time.
    Make that two aprons tied around baked goodies. BTW, I love the apron book! Have enjoyed reading and using it. Thanks!

  78. I just discovered this site and am sooo excited about exploring it more! I love the National Tie One On Day idea and of course, the give away. I am a 50’s girl at heart and have many vintage aprons that I treasure.

  79. This is a great give a way!! I have just taken up sewing. I have made an apron for myself, and my daughters. Then my son said he wanted one. I then made one for my nephew. Having my children in the kitchen with me creates many memories. It is also a great learning enviroment.

  80. Yes! Indeed Sister, I will have one on!!! But this scrumptious gift I would love! Please enter me!! Toes are crossed!!

    Will be looking for some vintage tableclothes to whip some up this weekend! So important! Mamas in Aprons…we could do incredible things, don’t you think??

  81. I had never heard of Tie One On day and I’m so excited to celebrate. I’ve been looking for years for the right apron, and I think I should just start embracing owning numerous ones! I actually use vintage dishcloths, with embroidery just like your book cover! I never really knew anything about them until now!
    I’d love to win! I’m going to post your button to my blog!

  82. What a great idea! I love that you’re encouraging both tradition and kindness. I’ll be giving an apron and fresh loaf of bread to two young mothers, each with three children under five. What better recipient than one who gives her life to others. Thanks for the prompting.

  83. that is so awesome!
    i will be baking cookies for my neighbor whose husband died last year. they just had to replace their roof because oh our hoa and her husband died last year. so even though i dont know them that well im gonna tie one on and bake some cookies for her.

  84. What a cool website! I love it! I just put your button on my blog! And emailed a friend about this site, she did an apron post on her blog a couple of weeks ago. Can’t wait to explore the site more!

  85. What a great giveaway!!!! I really love the idea of a Nat’l. Tie One On Day! I have started wearing my aprons onstead of just displaying them. My grandmothers always wore an apron, and my Mom did when she entertained…..I just really enjoy the whole idea of aprons back in women’s lives! Thanks for this great giveaway!

  86. Love the site! We will be celebrating Thanksgiving by having family, friends and those with out family joining us for lots of food and fun! All of the girls (including my 18 month old granddaughter) will be wearing our aprons. We will be cooking 4 turkeys so the aprons will be put to good use!

  87. I’m new to the apron craze – My friend showed me her super cute halter apron, and I decided I really loved it! As I check online I see I must be the last person on earth to join the apron fashion! I feel so inspired to start an apron collection, or maybe sew a few myself. Beautiful!

  88. I am into making aprons and am doing my own giveaway of an apron designed after an old apron of my husband’s grandmother, Yaya.
    I am making aprons to give away and will be working on aprons for the caregivers for our MOPS group. They care for our children so lovingly and they deserve something special.
    My hubby and I (and our daughters) are giving turkeys to our interfaith food pantry here in town too.

  89. Hi, and thanks for the opportunity to win your kitchen linens book–I LOVE that book! Since I am the cook for our family’s Thanksgiving dinner, it will be easy to bake something extra for the National Tie One on Day. The more difficult part will be deciding who the recipient will be. I still have four days to decide!

  90. Hello: I’m one of probably few men that remember their Grandmother’s aprons. That was the first thing she put on and went to the kitchen to start her day. I also remember going to town with her with her “dress up apron”. Good memories, but I probably didn’t give it much thought back 60 years ago.

    Bob S

  91. This is such a wonderful idea. I have put the logo on my blog and have come back to comment.

    I like to bake my pies the day before Thanksgiving and this year I am baking a few extra to give to some Soldiers who will not be around their families this year.

    As of today, I still am not sure how many are going to be joining my family for dinner on Thanksgiving, but I do know that I will have plenty of food to share.

  92. What a wonderful way to express thanks! I love making my mother’s recipe for pumpkin bread in the little mini loaves and then the kids and I go to several of the neighbor’s homes to pass them out. But, we normally do this at Christmas. Maybe this year it would be a nice to surprise them on Thanksgiving Day!

  93. I love your site! Just recently fell in love with sewing and designing aprons. I have started making them for bridal showers, with a community cookbook tied inside, and the tag is a poem about aprons. The young brides are in love with them and hopefully will make many memories wearing them for their families to cherish.

  94. I have your apron book and I love it! I also gave a copy to a childhood friend who was in my home ec classes in jr high and high school. We both have the first aprons we made in our 7th grade class! Although we live a few hours away from each other, we try to see each other often. When we do, we almost always mention our old aprons and say that one of these days we will take a photo of us together wearing the aprons!

  95. I love National Tie One On Day!

    Thanksgiving is such a special holiday to me. When I was very little it meant all my favorite foods and all my favorite people gathered in one place. As I grew older I appreciated the more subtle delights — the pouring over magazines for the perfect stuffing recipe only to use our traditional one instead, the gathering of the women in the kitchen to do the dishes while the men sat around the living room (poor guys!), etc. I miss my grandmother (the one who could cook) coming out of the kitchen with the perfect turkey, her good pearl(ish) earrings, and a new, crisp hostess apron one of her daughters-in-law had brought.

  96. The old fashioned joy of giving made easy and commemorative…when you “Tie One On” as a gesture of thanksgiving bounty, from my house to yours! Great idea to stir the spirit and accept the grace.

  97. Of course I will be wearing my handmade apron that day. Throughout the year I make aprons with different themes for all my friends. I am ready to start making homemade bread rolls with pure Irish butter to spread on them.
    P.S. the giveaway looks awesome!!!!

  98. This will be my 3rd year to particpate in this wonderful way of thanks giving. It becomes more fun every year. I added another neighbor last year and I will add another this year. It ‘s just a great way to connect with special neighbors and to say “thank you” for being my neighbor. It will become a blessing to you in so many ways, ways you won’t even realize until later. Thanks, Ellynanne, for making the day one in which everyone can make a blessing and receive one, too!

    Amy B.

  99. I scheduled to post on my blog on November 24 some of my apron memories. I loved your apron book and linen book! The National Tie One on Day is a great idea. We’ll spread the word about it! Great giveaway too!
    Rachel P., Minnesota

  100. I know just the person that I need to take an apron to. Her family was already having hard times when her husband was badly burned a few weeks ago. She is also a fellow apron lover. I will take her homemade rolls from my grandma’s recipe. I think I will wear the apron my husbands grandma made for me. Thank you for the reminder of something I sould be doing everyday, showing, not just telling the people I love exactly how I feel. Laurel (I think it will say my name is Tyler, but that is my teenage son and I am not computer savvy enough to make my own account.

  101. I am so excited to be participating for the first time! I have been collecting some great vintage aprons to share along with my cranberry bread. This is a wonderful way to connect with others and with the traditions of the past. Thanks for letting us all share in the fun!

  102. My Grandma just turned 99 last month. I have fond memories of her in her apron baking. I think everyone should have an apron. This year I am going to make some aprons and cookies to give as gifts.

  103. I have sent the link to your site to all our farmgirls in Farmgirls of the Heartland through Mary Janes Farm. We are located in the Midwest and are a new chapter gaining numbers and strengths.
    Thank you for this site. It gives us a haven to find peace and solitude.
    Be blessed not stressed this Christmas season.

  104. Wow! This is a wonderful giveaway! I love aprons, always wear them, even when I was a child. So, I have a big collection of old and worn out aprons of cource…so I loved some patterns to make a new one… Also I have a collection of vintage aprons that I wear too. Have a nice thanksgiving!
    Greetings from mama lieveheersbeestje.

  105. I’ll be wearing one of Grandma Mary Wilson’s aprons for the next two days while baking pies, cooking Thanksgiving dinner and sewing more aprons and some little girls’ outfits.

  106. I am an apronaholic. I use my herbal gifts and antiques shop as justification, but really, they just make me smile. I have two little boys and they appreciate aprons (and smocks) too. We will be cookin’ and craftin’ up a storm and givin’ up a storm, too, this year. Thanks so much for the inspirations. I can’t believe I didn’t know about National Tie One On Day until today! I am all over this for next year, that’s for sure!

  107. Working on sewing a couple of Oven Door Aprons for gifts, and baking for Thanksgiving dinner. Took some time out to send e-mails to friends wishing them a Happy Thanksgiving and came across this give-away. How wonderful!!

  108. What a great idea. Everybody needs to be cheered up now and again. I have been feeling the nudge to take something to my neighbor with whom we have never quite hit it off but she is a single mom with 2 teenagers and always looks a bit on the weary side. This will give me an excuse to step across the lawn to her side of the world. I think I will make an extra loaf ofpumpkin bread and wrap it in the “one hour apron” Thanks.

  109. I’ve only just now heard about NTOOD, so I’ll have to decide who to send a loaf of bread to, but I’m already thinking of a friend with two sick children, my mother who’s had a recent health set-back, and a member in our church who has suffered an injury. Such a wonderful idea it is! – Ali

  110. I know it’s late, but I just came across this 2 days before the 25th. I love to cook and love aprons. So I set out on Wednesday to my local thrift store for a cute pillowcase to make an apron out of. Not only did I find a very retro looking pillowcase, but a matching twin as well! These ladies were hand stitched with crocheted skirts. I simply gathered the sides of this gorgeous linen pillowcases and used the top half for the ties. My husband is modeling it in this photo on my blog…. I decided to let my heart guide me to the domestic Goddesses in my life that could use a lift. After sewing these little girls together, I made some cranberry and pecan sweet rolls smothered with cream cheese frosting for a quick and yummy pre thanksgiving breakfast. Who has time to cook breakfast on Thanksgiving right? So I gave these offerings to two great ladies in my town after much prayer. Both of them were surprised and gracious. The day after Thanksgiving, one of them called and said how much it meant to her and that she was having an especially difficult week. She was in tears….No matter what, giving that apron to her, was truly, the best holiday gift I could have recieved. Thanks for the inpsiration!!!

  111. Good morning! I just today ran across the posts about the National day. What a generously kind idea. There are tons of vintage linens here that I can see now I’d better get busy laundering and freshening up. I hope my neighbors can stand my cooking, because this is a lovely idea for any day of the year. Thanks so much! Have a great day! MaryC

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