Mother’s Day 2010 a Keepsake

I was not that excited with Prince Charming’s Mother’s Day plans – breakfast in Colorado Springs at this “great” place he’d read about and afterward, Cosco, because I was out of this particular oatmeal only Cosco seems to carry. As we drove north, I reminded myself how lucky I was that he didn’t suggest we breakfast at Costco on samples.

But the drive went on and on. Way past Colorado Springs, until we were an hour from Denver. “Are we having breakfast at a truck stop?” I wondered aloud, because at this point, there wasn’t anything around but prairie. Nope, he said. Just another exit or two, and we’re there.

There was a coffeeshop type place not exactly attached to a 7-11, but sort of. Stunned and figuring PC had lost it, I entered and stopped a few feet inside, glanced about and thought Costco not such a bad idea afterall. Then I heard laughter, which sounded very familiar. And seated by the front window, my boyz!

My presents were the best: handwritten notes, a framed Elvis advertisement from a 1950s magazine, this picture, and a prankster of a Prince Charming.

Mother’s Day 2010 – a keepsake.

Tie One On…an apron, of course!


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