Lamp Nirvana

A busy day here, if I’m to photograph aprons and linens on the outdoor clothesline. I’ve had the line set up forever, to take advantage of what a pretty background the fall leaves would provide to the vintage goods. Now, it’s a rush to get those pics snapped before the leaves are blown to Kansas in a storm that’s headed this way. Such would be the plan were prioritizing my strong suit. Alas, I find myself derailed by the need to share the new lighting fixtures I purchased at an estate sale this past week-end.
After a recent experience with a vintage lamp, which blew the main house circuit and turned into a money-pit in order to get it working properly, you’d think I would show some restraint when buying old lamps. Not so when the fixture features two red glazed plastic shades
or a chartreuse plastic drum shade with curly q’s that match the iron work on our living room windows.
If there’s a lamp heaven, I’m in it.
National Tie One On Day…the more who participate, the more who receive!

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